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If you are a true sports car enthusiast but you are not currently looking to buy 'The car of your dreams' or sell 'Your baby' then we would ask that you consider helping us build the SportsCarLocate Community by signing up to be a SportsCarPal - an Associate Member of SportsCarLocate.  If you too are a ‘Love What You Drive’ person and have a passion for Sports Cars, Sports Sedans, Muscle or Exotics cars then I think you are going to want to be part of this growing community of enthusiasts. As an Associate Member you get in on all of the fun and have membership access to our growing list of resources without having to actually Buy or Sell a car through SportsCarLocate.  

From our very humble beginnings we are working on developing SportsCarLocate into the very best enthusiast website in North America and as a SportsCarLocate Associate Member you will get to help us make it all happen.  

Associate Members assist in the building of the community by promoting SportsCarLocate locally and getting our message out to fellow enthusiasts in their area.  Most associates already make contact with other enthusiast at local sports car club events, car auctions and shows as well as internet forums and online communities, and as an associate all we ask is that you simply introduce these contacts to SportsCarLocate and invite them to checkout the website and join the community. No Sales – No Pressure Ever - just a simple invitation.

As an Associate Member we don’t ask that you do anything more than you have always done: if you belong to a car club already - then just let your buddies in on SportsCarLocate, if you see something special at a show and have a chance to talk to the owner - then invite him to checkout the website, if you see a car for sale online or offline that you know other members may be interested in buying - then as a fellow enthusiast send the seller an email or give them a call and invite them to the SportsCarLocate website.

Membership Has Its Benefits

Membership has its benefits too – as an Associate Member you may be called upon to complete a Peer Evaluation of a vehicle offered for sale in your area. As SportsCarLocate attracts buyer and sellers from across North America often Locate Members (Buyers) will be unable to travel to your area to checkout a car personally before they commit to purchasing it. Subsequently they will be looking for a trusted independent third party to evaluate the car for them. Although SportsCarLocate through our associate companies offer Professional Inspection Services many buyer prefer an independent Peer Evaluation by a fellow enthusiast before moving forward.

As a sports car enthusiast Peer Evaluations not only give you the rare opportunity to help out a fellow enthusiast but also offer you the chance to not only view but also drive the car you have been asked to evaluate. And given the special range of cars of interest to our members – conducting Peer Evaluations can be a great way to spend a few spare moments of your free time.

As a way of saying thank you, members buying or selling the car provide a small honorarium (a payment - of usually $25 - $75) to the associate member to travel to the cars location and complete a Peer Evaluation on their behalf. The honorarium is not a service payment but instead is intended to be a gesture of appreciation for a fellow member’s time and travel.  

You don't need to be a professional mechanic to conduct a Peer Evaluation. SportsCarLocate makes it easy by providing evaluators a Basic Checklist with simple instructions to follow - no tools are required, just a basic digital camera and access to the internet from your home or place of work. Buyers are looking for someone like themselves to compete the Peer Evaluation - enthusiasts with some real life sports car experience - owner/drivers who can provide an unbiased third party evaluation of the car.

Share What you Know

We know that over the years through ownership, research or employment you have developed your own  personal knowledge base of  information and insight about your favoured marquee and we hope as a SportsCarPal you will consider sharing what you know with your fellow enthusiasts. So we ask that when you sign up as a Pal that you tell us a little about your unique interests and expertise so that we can develop a database of knowledgeable contacts that can be accessed to assist members in need of some special guidance. 

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