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Buying a U.S. Car

SportsCarLocate is focused on finding our clients around the world, the very best deals on the finest quality, previously cherished sports, muscle & exotic cars from all across North America. We can help you locate and acquire the car of your dreams whether it is located in Canada or the United States of America.

All said, things have changes significantly over the past few years with the strengthening U.S. Dollar and the weakness of the Canadian Dollar, the Euro and the British Pound in relation to the USD. That said there remain many reasons why we continue to source a number of our clients' cars from the U.S. Marketplace. Vehicle availability, broad selection, actual condition and even price are factors that again and again bring us and our clients back to this marketplace during our searches.

We in no way limit ourselves and our clients to U.S. Finds as we maintain a broad oversight on cars available in all markets including Canada. And although many U.S. located cars may not prove to be the value advantage they once were when compared against a similar car located in Canada or the Euro Market there can still be valid reasons to buy out of the U.S.  Certainly not every U.S. car is a great deal for Canadian or Euro buyers, but if it's the right car, at the right price then a U.S. car can often prove to be a great purchase. As a client you are in the driver's seat, you choose where your car is sourced and we will work with you to ensure you get the best of your chosen marque, at the right price, whether the car is sourced for you in Canada or the U.S.A.

There is no need to be concerned about purchasing a U.S. located car as SportsCarLocate is here to help. We make the whole process of locating, inspecting, buying, shipping and importing your selected car safe and relatively simple, while often saving you: valuable time, frustration and worry. When you source your car through SportsCarLocate you are working with Pro's that are on your side throughout the process guiding you through the marketplace and past the sometimes daunting maze of importation regulations & documentation.   And our Location & Support Fees are so low that it just doesn't make sense to go it alone.

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Why Canadians And Europeans Are Still Buying U.S. Cars


Selection: The U.S. marketplace for many decades was and in fact still is the largest market for Sports and Exotic Cars hence the selection of available late model, contemporary or vintage cars is huge in comparison to the very limited Canadian market, even for many model eclipsing those cars found in the Euro Markets. As a result the huge volume of trades in the U.S. it makes their market ultra competitive when compared to the other markets worldwide. More competition means better pricing.

Quality: Many of the cars we offer are sourced from southern U.S. states that have major climatic advantages over the average Canadian and European climate. A warm, dry climate can significant extend the life of a car and it's many metal and electrical based components. This is of particular concern for buyers of early contemporary and vintage vehicles. We focus on finding the best available - maintained, garage kept cars, without climatic damage.

Value: Although actual cost to buy a U.S. sourced Sports or Exotic may be now on par or even slightly higher when compared against locally available stock the actual value equation: desirability, history, mileage and actual condition may prove to be unmatched in the local market and therefore make a U.S. Buy the wise choice. 

Ease of Importation: For our Canadian Clients the NAFTA Treaty dramatically changed the rules on what vehicles could be privately imported into Canada from the U.S.  Prior to NAFTA a Canadian citizen was generally unable to import vehicles less than 15 years old into the country, but now many vehicles old or new can be easily imported from the U.S.  Our Euro clients must work with different E.U. Legislation, which imposes punitive duties on vehicles less than 30 years of age, in addition the TUV Inspection Process can prove to be expensive, problematic and for many late model N.A. delivered cars, make it near impossible to import into Europe. As a  SportsCarLocate Client we oversee the whole process with you - right up until your car being delivered to your door.

Inspection Services: We do not recommend that you purchase any car from anyone sight unseen. As many cars are out of range for you to personally inspect it, we have access to very cost efficient, independent, professional inspection services that will travel to the car's location, complete a detailed inspection, test drive the car and provide you a full written report with their findings. (Inspections are key - We never recommend that you buy a car - sight unseen)

Remember SportsCarLocate will help guide you every step of the way throughout the process of buying the car of your dreams in Canada or the U.S. safely & securely.

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