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Some thoughts from our clients...


2003 Porsche Carrera Cabriolet sourced in Ohio

We just wanted to give SportsCarLocate a follow up note to our fantastic experience in having your company locate the Porsche of Arlene's dreams last summer.

We knew that your sourcing might be difficult considering the model, colour , transmission and budget requirements we had stipulated. Needless to say you came through in true form with a low mileage, blue, Tiptronic, Carrera convertible that we had specified and all within budget.

Every aspect of the process was exactly as your website claimed with your associated contacts at source verifying car condition and all the customs, taxation and cross border transport directly to our home all organized for a stress free experience. With two "Love What You Drive " trouble free seasons now under our belts now we are almost ready to store it for the winter. We wanted to express our sincere gratitude for providing a service that netted us an awesome car we could never have managed the resources to locate and ship to Canada with all we needed to do was simply enjoy it.

Thanks so much, John & Arlene H.



Porsche Carrera Coupe M491 (Wide Body)

My search for the Porsche of my dreams led me to the SportsCarLocate site one afternoon. I was sent a request to speak about cars by Dan, via his chat service on his site, so I took the opportunity to get some feedback from him on my quest.

I was upfront with Dan about a car I was already scheduled to fly out and see, despite this he was more than open about cars, his services and how he'd be willing to discuss what I'd done already to prepare for my trip.

Dan was really open, easy to deal with and over the course of the next 7 months, worked with me on cars that both he and I found thru our various channels . He took several of my calls over this time and many emails, regarding questions or advice I was seeking, and never once turned me away or was short with his time. His passion for cars and people who love them seems endless.

In the end, I was able to find the car I was looking thru another contact, however I was very well prepared for that final push based, in part, with the knowledge I'd accumulated from working with Dan. I hope down the road that I'll be able to work with Dan again for the selling and purchase of another Porsche. He is well worth searching out if you are looking for any classic car, especially Porsche.

Many thanks Dan and I really love what I drive!... Peter D.



1987 Porsche Carrera Cabriolet sourced in Arizona.

Thinking back one year ago, when you contacted us about our ad for my dear Porsche, I smile. And, I just wanted to let you know what a great experience you made for me, as I let go of my 23 year old dream car. The professionalism, integrity and timeliness you showed was indeed a pleasure to both my husband and me, as we had dreaded “haggling” and had been contacted by some “shady” people. It was so appreciated. The whole deal went just as you said it would. And, there was absolutely no “haggling”.

I just want you to know that if you’d like, you use my testimonial on your website. It was a pleasure doing business with you. As an extra little surprise, after about a month, the buyer of my Porsche sent me the sweetest Thank You note, telling me how he and his mechanic were both amazed that the car was in such good condition and was everything you and I had advertised. No surprises. He’s a happy guy, living his dream.

Sincerely, Vickie K.



2004 Porsche Carrera 4S Cabriolet - Sourced in California

I want to tell you that I am very impressed with your services. Having watched the dealings between you and David from the sidelines,  I was struck by how efficient and true to your word you have been - from beginning to end.

It is refreshing to deal with someone who truly understands the meaning of customer service.

Maryke  (Vancouver B.C.)



Client Feedback

The feedback we receive from our clients is something that we have been very lax at sharing over the years. Although client satisfaction is at the very top of our list, actually getting our clients to give us written statements of joy has never been something we have taken any time to seek out.

In recent months we have had more than the usual number of enquiries from potential new clients about the happiness of our past clients and subsequently we thought it might be time to finally share some of the comments we regularly receive.

Here we have shared the thoughts of a now retired couple seeking out their first Porsche and two lovely ladies involved in different aspects of the services we provide. You will note that all three comments come from people who took the time to write long after the initial deal was consummated - to my mind a true indication of the sincerity of their thoughts.

First we have Arlene & John H. who reside in the countryside north of Toronto. Arlene is both beautiful and sophisticated and although a grandmother for some time now she remains a bit of a 'Wild One' as the Licence Plate on her gorgeous Porsche Carrera will clearly tell you. The 996 Cabriolet that we sourced to her specification proved to be as nice as they come and Arlene is in Love! 

Next up is Peter D. from Alberta seen on his long road home from Arizona where he found the 80s - M491 of his dreams. Quite the chase with Peter always 'close but no cigar' with what we found and then by chance his rarely available M491 popped up and he wisely seized the moment.

Vicki K. the seller of a simply stunning 1989 Porsche that we sought out for our client Stewart M. of Delta B.C.  Vicki had owned the Porsche since brand new and in fact had picked it up in Europe as a 'Tourist Delivery' prior to having the car shipped to her home in the south western U.S. The  car had been treated with love for some 23 years before she decided it was time to part with it.

Now convincing Vicki and her husband Bob to let our client buy the car was not an easy thing, but thankfully our gentle persistence allowed the deal to proceed.

Finally a short note from Maryke of Vancouver about the Porsche purchase her husband David made through us. What a find this dry climate, low mileage Carrera 4S Cabriolet out of Los Angles California. A fabulous piece with just 30k original miles and for sale privately from Illana B. 

David & Maryke turned the purchase into a memorable roadtrip up the coast from LA to their B.C. home and we helped out every step along the way.

There is nothing that we love better than bringing great cars and wonderful people together so as always we welcome the opportunity of helping you our next happy client to finally 'Love What You Drive'.

If you're ready to get started don't wait - call me direct right now... toll free 1-866-513-3337

Dan Conlon CLO

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