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SportsCarLocate's focus has always been on custom vehicle location services, but we often come across some great buying opportunities that just don't meet our current clients' requirements - these cars we offer as 'Dan's Picks.

Our Dan's Picks provide casual buyers fast access to some fabulous opportunities on really nice Sports & Exotics. This personally curated selection of available cars is sourced from the 1000's of Sports & Exotics that come fresh into the open market each week from all across North America. Getting added to this list is not easy, as cars must first catch our discerning eye, successfully pass our initial review and offer what we sense to be excellent overall market value. 




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Hello and welcome...

My name is Dan Conlon and I am the CLO of SportsCarLocate. Since our start up back in 2009 I have dedicated my energy to sourcing our clients the best purchase opportunities available on ownership worthy sports & exotics.

If this is your first visit to the site you'll certainly want to learn more about just who we are, what we do and of course you will want to understand just how our unique business model can be of benefit to you in your hunt for your right Sports or Exotic car. I ask that you take a moment to: learn about us.


Wow what a great late fall we have been having with lots of late season buying activity... unusually strong I would say and this may bode well for the often sleepy winter season. The market remains in full swing and fresh stock is being added to daily. We have been seeing that many sellers have adjusted their price points due to the changing weather, so it is a great time to finally get serious about your car dreams and stop looking and start buying. This is our 9th season of operation and we can't wait to hear from you to learn what it is that you may be after. Historically some of the best buying opportunities come flooding into the market at this time of year and trust us the market is hot now that the North America economy is back on the boil! If you are seriously looking... don't forget that we are in the marketplace each and every day, so if you are on the hunt please don't hesitate to call or email now to discuss how we may assist you in finding you your 'right' car.


Although you may find that many of our current picks are Porsche cars we also custom source other sports & exotics - modern era or classic, virtually whatever our clients desire. So if a Porsche isn't your thing please don't hesitate to call and discuss your desired make/model we would be please to help to source the right car.

Important Note: SportsCarLocate is not here to sell you a car. We are vehicle locators 'not a vehicle dealer' and we do not broker, buy, sell or trade in vehicles at any time. Our clients make their own independent vehicle buying decisions without pressure or inducements from us as we have zero financial interest in any car we source. All vehicles listed on this web site are offered for sale by their owners and all agreements to purchase are solely between the buyer and the seller.




Fresh Find: Dec. 7th, 2018 - Do you really want to just Love What You Drive in the coming sports car season?

California dreaming once again with this truly nice, now classic Datsun 240Z!

Who did want one of these when they first came out back in the early 70's.. nobody I knew. These cars turned the sports car market on it's ear and nothing could match their looks and performance at what was then a very reasonable entry price point.

Times have changed and old 240z's are no longer cheap, good ones are becoming surprisingly rare and it is now easy to spend big bucks in making these cars right.

Today we have a great find offered by one of the premier JDM shops in California - they know these cars inside out and they know the good from bad... and this one verges on great!

1973 Datsun 240Z in the correct Orange on Black - Resto-Mod done right and the underside is just as nice as the top side of this car

Rebuilt motor L24 E88 head with racing cam 
Weber 40 triple carbs 
Rebuilt trans 5 speed with quick shifter
Power door locks
Custom steering wheels
Custom front bumper 
Band New Rota 15" x7 +4 wheels with Brand New Kumho 225/50/15 Tires with Zero miles.
Euro clear lens front and side
Runs excellent!
Clean title in Hand

The ask is a quite sensible $21,850 USD





Fresh Find: Dec. 7th, 2018 - Impressive dry climate Cayman 'S' find that has a massive option list!

First Year Cayman... 2006 Porsche Cayman 'S' - 295hp 3.4L H6 and optioned with the somewhat rare for this model Tiptronic 'S' Transmission. Mid Engine/RWD platform provides world class handling and although slightly less powerful than the 911 the Cayman can often easily match or exceed the 911s performance on a twisty road.

Rare GT Silver on Full Stone Grey Leather, Sport Chrono, 19" Sport Design Rims, Navi and so much more.

This is a privately offered, California original with a clean history and 95k miles recorded on the odometer. The current owner purchased the car 38k miles ago and has treated the car to an open cheque book with servicing up to date and no known needs.

With this mileage and at this price I think the car would make great sense for weekend usage by a low mileage driver, looking to get out for that Sunday blast! Car shows as super fresh throughout.

Offered at $17,750. USD





Fresh Find: Dec. 6th, 2018 - Near irreplaceable Air Cooled for this money... don't wait - BUY THIS CAR NOW!

1989 Porsche Carrera Coupe - purchased in Washington State and used there for just over 2000 miles before it's owner moved it to the San Francisco Area where it has lived ever since. Garage Kept and shown some serious love!

This is a final year car for the traditional Carrera and it was optioned well at the factory - Gorgeous and virtualy original in White on Tan Leather.

The car is mechanically first rate with no needs and a recent major service. No leaks, no wants. Client's car being offered through one of the most competent Porsche repair shops on the west coast!

115k very well respected miles from new yet it looks like a car with 1/3 that mileage.

Offered well given the quality of this piece at $55,000. USD




Fresh Find: Dec. 6th, 2018 - Talk about American Muscle... one of the most unique pieces of muscle to ever come from a automotive manufacturer... not justs in America but actually worldwide. Think about it who else has ever built a road car like the Viper!

1999 Dodge Viper GTS - I just love the lines of these Viper Coupes - classic, yet modern and without a doubt undeniably muscular!

Powered by the crazy mad - 8.0L V10 which offers 450hp & 490ft lbs of torque in this model - connected to a 6 Speed Manual feeding power to the rear wheels.

Described by the seller as all original with the exception of a Borla Exhaust - excellent condition throughout, with no drag or track time ever.

Just 23k original miles from new - seller has owned the car since 2005.

Offered well at $40,500. USD




Fresh Find: Dec. 6th, 2018 - America's Porsche... well not quite, but still a very special car for oh so many reasons.

Fabulous find for any Corvair Enthusiast, but even the uninitiated should fall in love with this little lovely.

1964 Chevrolet Corvair Monza Convertible - Stunning example with lots of money and love spent on making her the way she is today. Former Corvair Club President's Car.

Tasteful and very desirable Triple Black with rarely seen 'Real' Wire Wheels (not caps) these Kelsey-Hayes Wheels were a rare optional extra back in the day.

Reportedly a three owner car since new with less than 3,000 miles on rebuild, 6cyl., 4 speed, newer ragtop, brand new carpet and seats. Runs super smooth, looks great!

Aggressively offered at $11,500. USD




Fresh Find: Dec. 6th, 2018 - Very desirable 'Early' 901 Series car in beautiful condition throughout.

1967 Porsche 912 Coupe - Black Plate California Original - the dry climate car we all want to own!

Gorgeous in rarely seen Sand Beige (Factory original colour) on Black Interior - all looking very, very nice.

Mechanically this is a Mild Resto-Mod - full of the best bits and pieces from the 912 era and all put together by some of the best techs in the 912 world. This is a non-numbers matching car!

1720 cc (86 x 74) Twin Plug built by Benton Performance in Anaheim, Ca. (approx. 3000 miles ago). If you know 912's, then you know the stellar reputation of Benton Performance. This 20k engine build adds approximately 30+ HP from the stock configuration.

It includes:
JE 10.1:1 compression pistons
Twin Plug ignition
Elgin 7208-19 cam (.333, .369 lift , 288 duration)
Chromoly push rods
Dual HP valve springs (625/626)
Alternator upgrade
1 5/8 header w/ Bursch Muffler
Solex PII 40 split shaft conversion carburetors
External free flow oil filter (Precision Matters/Pure Power)

5 speed w/taller ZA 5th gear (29.22) found in early 70's 911(stock is X gear 28.24)(rebuilt approx.., 4000 miles ago) engine tachs approx.. 3100 rpm @ 65 mph (400 rpm less than stock) and combined with engine still pulls hard in 5th, not just an overdrive.

So much more has been done to make this into a lovely, mostly original, but improved collectable/driver. You will see quite a number of 912s floating around the market but very few will reflect the quality found in this one.

The private seller ask to $46,000. USD




Fresh Find: Dec. 6th, 2018 - A model I have never owned, but always desired and a car I lusted after back when I was just a bit of a boy back in the early 60's. Not something we saw often in my old neighbourhood as that wasn't really a posh spot, but every once and awhile one of these stunning Healey's would motor by, my ears would perk up and my jaw would drop.

1967 Austin Healey BJ8 Mark III - originally a rare 'Metallic Beige' prior to repaint in it's current Red in 1975... Paint is still very presentable, but a respray in the car's original colours would be the key to increased values on this special piece.

A documented 2 Owner, Dry Climate, California original from new with it's second owner having possessed the car for the last 43 years -from 1974 until 2018! Log books date back to 1975 as does the Service Folder - now 3" thick with records!

Reportedly a great running and driving piece with no known issues and a Heritage Certificate to back up the build.

Hard to find a Healey anywhere in this condition with this type of provenance. This is one very solid Bi Healey.

Offered sensibly at $48,000. USD




Fresh Find: Dec. 5th, 2018 - I know that on first blush you may disregard this find quickly as it probably doesn't present as the 911 you have long dreamed of owning. On this one I ask that you look a little deeper and consider a little longer before making your move.

This is a fully operational, rust free, dry climate 911 that has been professionally modified with the addition of a Carrera 3.2L H6 in place of it's original anemic 2.7L engine. No doubt the car was built some time back when the then desirable 80's look was in vogue. It may not quite look as you had dreamed your Porsche would, but as priced you are virtually paying for the parts alone.

1975 Porsche 911 Targa professionally converted (reportedly using factory parts) to a Cabriolet with Steel Turbo Fender Flairs and Boxed Rockers. Wheels are stated to be aftermarket Turbo Fuchs.

The car originated from the factory in White and door jambs remain in the original factory paint.

This is not going to be a 'buy and forget it' kind of car, but this 911 was the recent recipient of some attention at Patrick Motorsports including a Valve Adjust and Fresh Value Cover Gaskets along with new Oil and Filter.

The car runs strong and looks good overall - a car that I think, if put in the right hands, could be transformed, without too much work, into quite a presentable 911 ride.

No matter which direction you go this looks to be a lot of 911 for $22,000. USD





Fresh Find: Dec. 5th, 2018 - So I am not going to suggest that this is the anywhere near the best of the best, as no, this one is simply your basic Good Driver, priced well and for the right buyer a pretty nice buy!

If you want to Love What You Drive in the coming season an 'S2' 944 can tick an heck of a lot of enthusiast's boxes and in this case do it all on a seriously low Porsche budget.

1990 Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet - Guards Red on Black Leather with Black Soft Top. Moderate mileage, for this model and year of build, at 109k original miles, plus a Pristine History with the car spending near all of it's life in Colorado.

Not 100% sure where this one sits on the necessary Timing Belt replacement spectrum, but the car looks good throughout and reportedly runs strong.

We think with a little detailing and a few minor fix ups this could prove to be a very nice Driver come the spring.

If you haven't been watching lately, do some research and you'll note that 944s of all ilk's have had, an across the board period of value appreciation, and as offered at $8,900. USD this will be very tough to match.







Fresh Find: Dec. 5th, 2018 - Another cautionary tale... although all Porsches were generally created equal at the factory - every Porsche actually ends up leading a very different life! Having hunted Porsche cars from each and every era, for decades for my own personal enjoyment and for my clients for the last 10 years... I must tell you, that without question, it is the car's quality of life (good, bad or indifferent), while in the hands of it's private owners, that has the most significant impact on the quality of the car that you the pre-owned buyer gets to purchase.

It matters little whether the Porsche you are looking at is just one year or fifty years of age - more than any other factor (even that old standby.. mileage) how the car was cared for, kept and operated, by it's past owners is paramount to the condition of the car today. Choose your Porsche carefully my friends as lurking inside every Porsche is the potential for complete ruination as on full display here with this early 911!

Actually it is quite sad to see this one in it's current state, knowing the car for what it once was. Each and every Porsche car starts the process of degradation once it leaves the factory floor, and as time goes on, be it not for those wonderful enthusiast owners that lovingly cherish and respectfully use their Porsche, all of these, once special cars, would end up in a rusted heap like we see here today.

Picking the Porsche winners from the Porsche losers is what we do day in and day out, sifting through the available marketplace stock to locate ownership worthy finds for our clients, within range of their personal budgets is rarely quick and never easy, but we love doing what we do!

By the way this rusted relic is actually available for sale currently on Ebay!




Fresh Find: Dec. 5th, 2018 - Sorry folks, but the Christmas Red theme seems to have taken over this week!

Love What You Drive this season... and if you buy this one I can't imagine you won't.

This is a rare piece given that it has been in the hands of just One Family since leaving the showroom floor some 35 years ago. Love, gently improved and respectfully maintained.

1983 Porsche SC Cabriolet - the first year that Porsche offered a Convertible Roof 911!

This car is virtually original throughout with just a few wee touches to modernize the look, having been lowered to Euro Ride Height along with the installation of Aftermarket 17" Fuchs.

Original near bullet proof 3.0L with 5 Speed 915 Transmission with the critical Carrera updates completed on the engine some time ago. Just 126k miles on the car from new.

Uniquely as this is a dry, hot climate Texas car the owners invested in a major upgrade to the AC comprised of components from the later 964 series cars.

Top is still doing it's good and looks good overall, but it is showing some wear. There are reportedly a few minor bumps and bruises but nothing that really takes away from the overall quality of this find.

All said a very presentable, high quality driver that runs and performance right.

Can you imagine how good this would look in your driveway come Christmas morning - nice find as offered at $37,400. USD




Fresh Find: Dec. 5th, 2018 - Santa's Sleigh?

No room for gift in this piece, but not to be concerned as the car is gift enough. This is a car to be purchased and savored respectfully like a fine wine. Please, if you buy this don't cellar it away as unlike a good vintage wine aging sports cars hate to sit and be ignored.

Now the past owners of this virtually All Original NSX followed the right course as the car has clearly been loved and respected, but it has been driven... hence the 126k miles recorded on the odometer.

This 1991 Acura NSX although enjoyed has lost nothing to time, it presents as amazingly fresh throughout with near none of the patina you would expect to find at this mileage and age. Importantly it comes with a complete file of maintenance and service records that date back to when it was new. The car is cosmetically impressive to say the least and mechanically correct with all servicing needs up to date!

Of course given the way it has been treated it not only looks the part, but it also performs as it was designed and remains an absolute blast to drive.

In today's market with these burgeoning classic NSX cars have continued to appreciate in value and it is a very tough to find anything that represents the opportunity found here at the $50,500. USD ask.

This is not currently, and likely never will be, a collection piece, this car deserves a good home with an owner that will cherish each and every outing. Of course there are a few other NSX cars on offer at or even below this asking price, but look carefully and I think you will find that they don't actually compare!




Fresh Find: Dec. 4th, 2018 - If you have been seriously considering the building of a Hot Rod Porsche here is good evidence, once again, that buying what someone else has built is often far more practical and ultimately less costly than building it yourself.

The amount of money and time that goes into a build of this nature can be frightening and getting it right is not as easy as not may seem.

This was a recent build based on a rust free 1975 Porsche 911S Sunroof Coupe found in 2015 with just 58k original miles by the gentlemen that commissioned this RSR Build.

This build was professionally engineered by various Pro Shops known to the Texas Porsche Community and the resulting piece is simply a monster of a 911 that without a doubt in mind mind could never be replicated for the money being asked for this 911.

I won't go into all the details here as the list of work is a mile long and the final product virtually speaks for itself. Now yes there are a few, very minor, cosmetic details I may change if it were to be mine, but the core of this fully finished piece leaves little if anything undone.

The best of the best has been built into this car and it was clearly built with a wide open cheque book.

If this in anyway speaks to you then please contact me now before it is gone... I'll be happy to share a detailed description of the build and discuss next steps. As a hint to what been done... power is provided by a freshly build 3.5L H6 pushing 297hp at the rear wheels!

Offered at $87,900. USD




Fresh Find: Dec. 4th, 2018 - There would appear to be an awful lot to like here for the money being asked!

1976 Porsche 914 - 2.0L F.I./5 Speed Manual - Final year of production for these unique, mid engine, air cooled, cars.

Reportedly virtually original throughout and stated to be super solid throughout, having benefited from a life in the dry, clean, California climate.

Super clean and it all looks to be correct, certainly worthy of some interest with a private seller ask of just $12,000. USD

I personally owned a 72 - 914 way back in the 70s and the fun this car offered remains memorable to this day.



Elfren (661) 972-3317



Fresh Find: Dec. 3rd, 2018 - If you have been watching our listed finds some time now you'll know that we try to show a wide ranging variety of automotive treasures that are priced, shall we say, all over the map. We try to provided access to all - something for every enthusiast, whether they have deep pockets or not.

Today we have something for the connoisseur, a collection grade piece that is worthy of a spot in near anyone's garage, no matter what you already have in your personal collection this one can't help but stand out.

1997 Porsche Carrera 'S' a dream 993 if ever there was one.  The lowest production numbers of all of the 993 Widebody cars with the exception of the super rare 993 RS.

ONE OWNER, just 33k Original Miles, Pristine History from new, Mint Condition and just serviced!

Traditional Guards Red on Tan Leather - not all that common in a 993!

285 hp Varioram H6 with 6 Speed Manual and RWD. Fat Body, Turbo Rims and that unique to this model Twin Grill Rear reminiscent of the 356 Carrera cars.

Priced well, given the details, at $89,995. USD



Pre-Owned 2004 BMW 3 Series M3


Fresh Find: Dec. 3rd, 2018 - The countdown to the holiday season is on with just 22 days until Christmas Morning... what's going to be under your tree this year?

Is it time to treat yourself?

It is getting harder by the day to find a worthy example of these tough and terrific Sport Coupes at a price point that still makes some sense. Sure we see lots priced high that we like, but I not sure that those $30k plus examples are where I would want my money invested currently.

So today we have a under $20k E46/M3 find that we think is worthy of your dollars.

Pristine history example that spent most it's like down south before moving to clean Colorado. Uniquely this one is on offer from an Authorized BMW dealer - not something you see often and good evidence of the overall condition and quality of the find.

2004 BMW M3 - option right with Harmon Kardon, Premium Package with the Nappa Leather and Xenon Light Package.

333hp Inline Six with the very desirable 6 Speed (true) Manual Transmission. You have read the reviews.. this is the one to own!

Stunning in Deep Metallic Blue on Cinnamon Leather all with little wear and tear given the 93k original miles recorded.

Fabulous performance, understated look that never seems dated and a model that is currently appreciating not depreciating so the actual cost of your ownership, for the new owner, should prove to be minimal.

Available at $19,967. USD


Pre-Owned 2004 BMW 3 Series M3

Pre-Owned 2004 BMW 3 Series M3


1997 Porsche 911 Carrera 2dr Convertible - Marietta GA


Fresh Find: Dec. 3rd, 2018 - A true beauty in near immaculate condition, you would never guess the mileage!

Without a doubt this car has been loved by it's past owners and their respectful caretaking of this Porsche is evident everywhere you look.  

1997 Porsche Carrera Cabriolet - 993 - the last and best of the air cooled cars, and for many enthusiast a model they aspire to. Blessed with the final iteration of the air cooled 3.6L engine this car offers 285hp to play with and a 6 Speed Manual Transmission to row.

116k original miles on this southern example, but the recipient of a recently invested $7000. service to compete a reseal and related work.

It looks and reportedly drives as new!

The ask is just $37,655. USD well below the market norm for a 993 of this quality.


1997 Porsche 911 Carrera 2dr Convertible - Marietta GA

1997 Porsche 911 Carrera 2dr Convertible - Marietta GA



Fresh Find: Nov. 30th, 2018 - The early 70's were primetime in Porsche's illustrious racing history, with Ist Place Wins at LeMans, in both 1970 and 1971, by the indomitable 917. And like their racers the 911 was building upon it's reputation and gaining a strong following of fresh enthusiasts each year.

A lovely find today, clearly a recent restoration car with what looks to be finished to a very good standard.

1971 Porsche 911T - believed to be a numbers matching refreshed in it's factory original Bahia Red on Black Interior.

When new the T was powered by a 2.2L 125hp Air Cooled with 5 Speed Manual... not the fastest 911 on the block, but one of the most pleasant, responsive and usable early 911's.

We have much more to learn about this restoration, but given the quality evident in the many images provided it does seem to show some very good promise - Very attractively offered, given the apparent quality of the piece at $79,900. USD




Fresh Find: Nov. 30th, 2018 - Are you ready to simply Love What You Drive? A personal favorite and a car that I know any Porsche enthusiast would love for Christmas!

Okay the big day is less than one month away, so maybe its time to seriously consider what you would like under your tree this year.

1991 Porsche Turbo - Not a lot of these hanging out in the market these days, production numbers were not that high for this model and most are now being held by those more interested in their investment potential than in enjoying the drive. Yes we think there is probably more room to go in upwards valuation, on this model, in the years to come, but in reality it is a car that would be far happier being owned and driven, than simply stored and ignored.

Stunning Slate Grey Metallic on special order Grey Leather to match the exterior... what a combo and of course a lovely set of Cup Rims just finishes it off.

Just 52k original miles and reportedly a One Owner Car - evidence of use is minimal throughout.

Love the wide body look of this 964 based Turbo and the performance is near top of the heap for an air cooled 911.

Priced resentfully at $119,000. USD




Fresh Find: Nov. 29th, 2018 - Pretty little Italian Spider in the kind of condition that we are all seeking. Lots of these Alfas running about in the market but few offer the blend of condition, mileage and price of this lovely.

1991 Alfa Romeo Spider finished in it's factory original Red on Beige Leather. Just 69k original winter stored miles from new. Current owner has added 3000 miles over the past 5 years and serviced the car each season f=before placing it in it's winter storage garage.

Look around the images provided and you will see by the detail that this is very much unlike many of the Alfas you will find, everything is pristine with minimal to no wear, and the engine bay shows clear evidence of an Alfa that has been well loved through the years.

Classic Italian styling and dressed up right with adequate performance for those top down weekends in the countryside.

Fully depreciated, impressive condition, well maintained... own and enjoy, continue to keep it this nice and your cost of ownership should prove to be minimal.

Nice at $12,995. USD



2004 Porsche Boxster S Anniversary Edition


Fresh Find: Nov. 29th, 2018 - Fabulous find at this price point!

Without a doubt the nicest iteration of the Gen 1 Boxster 986 models, this 550 Spyder Edition car was loaded up by Porsche with virtually every available option.

2004 Porsche Boxster 'S' - 550 Spyder Edition - one of just 1953 cars produced by Porsche for worldwide distribution, in commemoration of the Race Winning 550 Spyders fifty years prior.

What's so special about the 550 Spyder Edition.... here is what was added to the base 'S' Package:

  • GT Silver paint previously reserved for the Carrera GT

  • Highest Horsepower 986 Boxster ever made, 264hp up from 258 on a regular S

  • 15% reduction short shifter

  • Sport Exhaust and tailpipe

  • 10mm lower ride height

  • 5mm wheel spacers

  • Porsche Stability Management (PSM)

  • Litronic Headlights

  • 18 Carrera Wheels finished in Seal Gray

  • 4 Piston aluminum brake calipers in an aluminum finish

  • Painted rear engine gills

  • Chrome Plated Boxster S badging on the rear deck

  • Dark Gray natural full leather interior

  • GT Silver Painted Seat Backs

  • Heated Sport Seats

  • Perforated leather handbrake lever, shift boot, sport steering wheel.

  • GT Silver center console, radio surround, handbrake and roll bars

  • Chrome plated gauge rings and serial number plaque

  • BOSE Audio and 6-disc CD Changer

  • Trip computer

These cars were special when they left the factory and they remain very special today.

Looking for a Porsche that does it all at a price point that doesn't break the bank.., you just found it!

Pristine AutoCheck History and just 63k original miles from new.

Three owners from new with most of it's life spent in sunny, dry Nevada - real value at just $14,900. USD


2004 Porsche Boxster S Anniversary Edition

2004 Porsche Boxster S Anniversary Edition


1994 Dodge Viper RT/10 2dr Convertible - Hollywood FL


Fresh Find: Nov. 28th, 2018 - Perfection on wheels... As New - One Owner - All Original fresh out of a collection.

So the VIPER is no more with production having ended back in 2017. Truly one of the most daring automotive experiments ever undertaken by a large scale manufacturer in the history of the automobile. An Icon of Automotive Art from the day this car was introduced. Art is not always pure beauty, and the Viper's taught skin barely hides the animal hidden beneath.

1994 Dodge Viper RT10 - 8.0L V10 offering 450hp and no stop torque, Six Speed Manual driving the Rear Wheels

This car has been driven just 4,646 very careful miles since leaving the factory and it remains virtually unblemished and completely original throughout.

With just a little over 30,000 Vipers produced for world wide distribution before Chrysler closed the doors, we think it may be time to add this Generation One car to your collection. Drive and enjoy or lock it away for the future.

Rare find as offered at $40,995. USD


1994 Dodge Viper RT/10 2dr Convertible - Hollywood FL

1994 Dodge Viper RT/10 2dr Convertible - Hollywood FL





Fresh Find: Nov. 28th, 2018 - A little Mustang Magic goes a long way to brighten a winter's day!

Always one of my favorite model years (1967) and in fact one of my first choice Mustang colours (Lime Gold)!

I was just 17 years of age when these 67s were first introduced to the market - the prime age for automotive buy in. Back then I was spending my days and many afternoons hanging out with my buddy Bob in our high school auto shop working on all manner of mechanical contraptions. So no money and certainly no Mustang for me, but oh the lust that swelled when one of these Fastback beauties drove by.

Recently restored to a pretty high standard... this 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback is currently powered by an original, freshly rebuilt, lightly warn=med 289 V8 engine with a 5 Speed Manual transmission conversion, dual exhaust with Flow Master mufflers, Borgeson power steering conversion, 1 inch sway bar, 15 inch Magnum Wheels.

The interior is all stock/new black interior with overhead console and it shows as new.

The car looks, runs and drives better than when it originally left the factory floor some 50+ years ago,

Look around the car at the supplied images and you can clearly see the level of care and thoroughness taken by the builder during this restoration.

If like me you missed out on that Mustang buy the first time around - owning this one may prove to be your fountain of youth. Hell of a piece of garage art for this money!

Offered at $48,900. USD




Used 1990 Ferrari 348 in PEABODY, MA - 493132746 - 30


Fresh Find: Nov. 28th, 2018 - Most surely one of the freshest 348s you're going to find anywhere and best yet it is priced to sell today!

1990 Ferrari 348TS - Targa Roof - 300hp 4 Cam V8 - Naturally Aspirated with 5 Speed Manual Transmission/Limited Slip Differential

This is a virtually all original piece with just 33k original miles!

Engine out belt service and rebuilt transmission/clutch just completed less than 1000 miles ago at one of the best Ferrari service shops in the country. This 348 is in excellent condition. Windows, radio, lights, fan, door locks, all in good working condition. Targa top is in excellent condition. Tubi exhaust system sounds amazing. Runs like new!

Comes with a Pristine CarFax History and 17 years of service records.

Looks fantastic in Rosso Corso on Tan Leather with Shields mounted on both front fenders.

Looking at the images provided we think that the ask is near in line with the current market values for this model. No not cheap, as no ownership worthy Ferrari is ever going to be sourced on the cheap, but sensibly offered at $52,990. USD

This we strongly believe is a Ferrari with a potential appreciation upside and we sense no real downside in sight. Given the market lust for 'involved driving' which is now near impossible to find in any modern era sports car, we feel confident in saying that these character laden, near classics, will continue to find enthusiasts thrilled to make an investment in their personal pleasure.


Used 1990 Ferrari 348 in PEABODY, MA - 493132746 - 22

Used 1990 Ferrari 348 in PEABODY, MA - 493132746 - 27

Used 1990 Ferrari 348 in PEABODY, MA - 493132746 - 16




Fresh Find: Nov. 27th, 2018 - Lets go back in time together to the dawn of a new era in Automotive Art... 1964!

The birth of the Ford Mustang turned the industry on it's head and everyone fell in love with Ford's new sweetheart.

1964.5 Ford Mustang Convertible - Original 'D' Code car - 289ci 4 Barrel with 4 Speed Manual.

Reportedly a numbers matching piece that has undergone a complete rotisserie restoration some time back, and the images provided would lead us to believe that the car is real and is as described by the seller.

The car is also said to come with a full file on the restoration including before and after photos. 

As currently offered at $33,750. USD this looks to be a tough to match find... yes there are cheaper ones out there but are they anything like this?




1980 Porsche 911 SC


Fresh Find: Nov. 27th, 2018 - Love What You Drive... real nice 911 SC Coupe the last of the classic, air cooled, 911s that remain a bit of a bargain buy! Got to say I am a sucker for a Plaid Trimmed 911.

Beautifully kept 1980 Porsche 911 SC - with one known repaint from new in it's original factory Silver Metallic.

112k original miles with a complete service history which backs up the stated mileage and maintenance claims.

Great looking car slightly embellished with the addition of the Plaid Seat Inserts front and rear. Rare Limited Slip Differential SC with Sports Seats too. 

Reportedly the car runs great with no current needs and the Carrera Tensioners Update was completed in the past. Fresh front brakes and service. 

Offered sensibly at $39,900. USD


1980 Porsche 911 SC

1980 Porsche 911 SC

1980 Porsche 911 SC



1984 Porsche 928 S


Fresh Find: Nov. 27th, 2018 - A preservation class trophy is near a sure thing if you were to take this 928 out for a showing.

Just for a moment reflect on what you would need to invest if you found a classic Carrera 911, from this same era, with this minimal original miles, and similar near museum quality condition?

1984 Porsche 928S - 22k original, clearly careful, near unblemished miles from new! Rarely seen and even rarer offered collection grade 928 ready to add to your automotive collection, decorate your garage or simply drive and relished.

Although the SOHC V8 provides just 234 hp there is still adequate performance offered as back in the early 80's these 928s were more executive transport than sports car. Appropriate to it's mission this 928 has the 4 Speed Auto Transmission which of course drives the rear wheel.

Stunning and pretty darn rare in Moss Green on Tan Leather.  

Mechanically correct and PPIs welcomed by the selling dealer.

Currently priced at $36,500. USD - not cheap, but cars of this quality never are!


1984 Porsche 928 S

1984 Porsche 928 S




Fresh Find: Nov. 27th, 2018 - If you by chance are a Fiat enthusiast or simply a guy who loves old traditional Italian Sports Cars this is a find that you'll want to consider long and hard before deciding whether to turn away.

You just don't see many Italian roadsters out of the 80's that remain in a condition that compares to this - the car remains original throughout... even the paint is original factory. I think I could count on one hand the number of similar condition Fiat Spiders that I have seen over my 10 years of daily market searching across North America.

1983 Fiat Pininfarina Azzurra - Inline Twin Cam 4 Cylinder with Bosch Fuel Injection, 5 Speed Manual and RWD.

Not fast or furious, but light and fun in that classically Italian style.

Unrestored, two owners from new - never rusted, never painted! Just 42k original miles - pristine CarFax!

Hagerty Values this model highly and it gives you a good indication of where prices are headed on these now rare, near mint condition examples. Click for Hagerty Valuation

Priced at $14,950. USD





Fresh Find: Nov. 26th, 2018 - If you are a Trans Am fan then I know this is probably not the model year that you have been pinning over, but you and I both know the the one you actually want has become unobtainium, unless you have a pretty large budget to play with. 

For me the 70's Trans Am represent one of my very favorite car experiences as in my early 20's back in the early 70's and I had an opportunity to take a pre-owned 455/Manual out for an extended test drive. Wow what a silly somewhat insane blast (oh to be young and stupid) and that drive remains a strong, indelible memory ever since.

1975 Pontiac Trans Am - 400ci with Automatic Transmission... I know not the perfect specs, but otherwise a pretty sharp, well preserved find and clearly a car that was special to it's earlier owners.

It looks to be all there and mostly original with no evidence of abuse or the usual wear and tear you commonly find on these items at this age. I would say this has likely been garage kept since new and used sparingly.

62k miles recorded and visual evidence would indicate that this mileage may be original.

More to learn on this, but we sense it may all point in the right direction. Cheap and relatively easy to modify to make this in the Tran Am you actually want to own.

Priced at $14,900. USD





Fresh Find: Nov. 26th, 2018 - Rarely found today in this well preserved condition!

1986 BMW 635CSi - 186hp Inline 6 Cylinder with 5 Speed Manual Transmission and RWD.

No these were not fast back in the day and they are certainly not fast by today's standard - definitely more GT than sports car, but there is just something about these legendary BMW inline 6 cars that speak to me and I think many other enthusiasts. Performance numbers of 0-60 7.7 seconds with a 132 mph top end is near econo box numbers today, but it is how you get there that makes all the difference.

The body lines and the fit and finish of the car top to bottom simply tell the tail of a bygone era in automotive history and hence a model I have long had a thing for.

Clearly this is a car that has been treated well through the years (the interior alone gives some big hints here) and as now priced at $13,995. USD it would prove tough to replace. Lots of these around the market but I sense that very few indeed match this one for this kind of money. Will it be perfect... no of course not, but with a wee bit of attention it will make a simply fabulous weekend driver.




Fresh Find: Nov. 26th, 2018 - Quite possibly the sharpest 90's ZX you'll find in the market today.

1990 Nissan 300ZX Coupe - Naturally Aspirated 3.0L V6 connected to a 5 Speed Manual with RWD.

These 220hp V6 cars were the talk of the town back in their day and remain a sweet ride with impressive all round performance and a solid build quality.

Aztec Red Metallic on Optional Black Leather interior that is hard to tell from showroom new.

Just 54k original, clearly well loved miles!

The car is immaculate throughout with a pristine CarFax and thought to be virtually original throughout.

Priced well $12,995. USD



"Car - 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STi 6sp (Gold Wheels) in North Vancouver, BC  $18,841"