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Dan's Picks!

Direct from the seller to your driveway! 

SportsCarLocate's focus has always been on custom vehicle location services, but we often come across some great buying opportunities that just don't meet our current clients' requirements - these cars we offer as 'Dan's Picks.

Our Dan's Picks provide casual buyers fast access to some fabulous opportunities on really nice Sports & Exotics. This personally curated selection of available cars is sourced from the 1000's of Sports & Exotics that come fresh into the open market each week from all across North America. Getting added to this list is not easy, as cars must first catch our discerning eye, successfully pass our initial review and offer what we sense to be excellent overall market value. 




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Hello and welcome...

My name is Dan Conlon and I am the CLO of SportsCarLocate. Since our start up back in 2009 I have dedicated my energy to sourcing our clients the best purchase opportunities available on ownership worthy sports & exotics.

If this is your first visit to the site you'll certainly want to learn more about just who we are, what we do and of course you will want to understand just how our unique business model can be of benefit to you in your hunt for your right Sports or Exotic car. I ask that you take a moment to: learn about us.

Celebrating Our 10th Season

Spring is in full swing and fresh stock is being added to the market daily. We have been receiving lots of early interest this season and we are now back in the hunt after a wee bit of a winter break. Time to stop looking and start buying if you want to get in on the pre-spring opportunities!

This is our 10th season of operation and we can't wait to hear from you to learn what it is that you may be after. Historically some of the best buying opportunities come flooding into the market in the spring as seller's are finally ready to let their toys go.  Generally the North America economy is back on the boil, with minimal unemployment and we expect enthusiast focused car sales will be strong this year.

Looking for a Sports, Exotic or Muscle car - Modern or Classic Era... we can help you to cut through the crap and find the good ones. If you are seriously looking... don't forget that we are in the marketplace each and every day, so if you are on the hunt please don't hesitate to call or email now to discuss how we may assist you in finding you your 'right' car.

Classic Sports Cars, have over the past decade, proven themselves to be a great place to store some money. We are big believers in the 'Drive and Enjoy Investment' concept, hence we suggest that you don't park all your savings in the bank as your garage may prove to be a much better storehouse for your wealth over the longer term, plus you actually get to enjoy your toy!


Although you may find that many of our current picks are Porsche cars we also custom source other sports & exotics - modern era or classic, virtually whatever our clients desire. So if a Porsche isn't your thing please don't hesitate to call and discuss your desired make/model we would be please to help to source the right car.

Important Note: SportsCarLocate is not here to sell you a car. We are vehicle locators 'not a vehicle dealer' and we do not broker, buy, sell or trade in vehicles at any time. Our clients make their own independent vehicle buying decisions without pressure or inducements from us as we have zero financial interest in any car we source. All vehicles listed on this web site are offered for sale by their owners and all agreements to purchase are solely between the buyer and the seller.





Fresh Find: Oct 22nd, 2019 - Opportunity Knocks on this super fine Canadian Find. The fall season has a habit of bring out some great pre-winter opportunities and this is one such car.

Hard to source... 1992 Porsche 968 Coupe - Guards Red on Black Leather, Cup Rims and powered by a 3.0L Twin Cam Inline 4 Cylinder engine that has the power to put many a 911 to shame. Six Speed Manual Car with of course RWD Chassis, and what a chassis it is, offering fabulous road holding.

This is a very nice 91k kilometre car (that's just 56k miles) that has been well maintained and kept safe in the garage out of the inclement weather.

Ready to be enjoyed and offered by it's current private owner at just $25,500. CAD (approximately $19,500 USD for you American shoppers). Love the Porsche that you drive for a whole lot less than most any 911. 968 Values have been on the rise and a fresh cohort of enthusiasts are showing strong interest in these very special cars.





Fresh Find: Oct 22nd, 2019 - Canadian Find priced for Fall.

Very desirable and somewhat rare these days this XJS Convertible is not one of the V12 powered versions as it was factory built with the 4.0L Inline 6 Cylinder engine out of the XK series.

The Twin Cam 4.0L's power is near on par with V12 series cars, but the various problems and high cost of maintenance on those V12 cars can make them a challenge to live with. The Six Cylinder cars are easier to service and cheaper to maintain.

1993 Jaguar XJS - in rarely found Signal Red on Biscuit Leather with a matching soft top. This was reportedly a Hawaii delivered example that found it's way to the West Coast of Canada many years ago, and since it's arrival it has been garage kept and shielded from the weather.

Well maintain example with just 103k kilometres travelled since new. Evidence of careful usage can be seen throughout the car and none of the normal wear for this model is apparent.

Fabulous fun in the sun, open top GT for your weekend drives through the countryside.

Private seller's ask is just $11,000. CAD a mere pittance of it's original value, yet the car needs nothing to be enjoyed.



\Vehicle Photo 8


Fresh Find: Oct 21st, 2019 - It is not often that you'll find a 20+ year old 911 being offered at an authorized Porsche Store.. even less likely to find an iconic 993 Turbo on a Porsche dealer's lot, but here we are with a nice low mileage find, and better yet it is priced to sell!

1996 Porsche 993 Turbo - a storied 911 and not just the fastest, but the most competent 911 Turbo from the air cooled era.

This is a clean history example in desirable Factory Black on Tan/Black Full Leather car with just 38k original miles on the odometer. Potent road weapon given that it came blessed from the factory with 414hp on tap and an AWD chassis that lets you get the power to the road.

We believe that now is the moment to pick up one of these superb 911s as prices have moderated slightly from their high point yet they remain one of the finest examples of the air cooled breed.

The ask is a very rational $129,900. USD

Vehicle Photo 13

Vehicle Photo 25

Vehicle Photo 10





Fresh Find: Oct 21st, 2019 - I have found that almost all enthusiasts have a Muscle Car Desire hidden deep inside. as if you were a youth through the American muscle car era it was near impossible to not become excited by the sound and fury that those muscle cars delivered in spades.

One of the most desirable cars to come out of the 60's was the 1969 Camaro and today we have a nice find for your careful consideration.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS/396 Dressed with 4 Speed Manual - this one ticks a lot of boxes in Black on Black Interior with Houndstooth Cloth, fully optioned just right with the Cowl Induction Hood, Rally Wheels etc. and powered by a monster Big Block 396.

This is a Black Plate, California original with no rust, a very solid example throughout.

Privately offered and clearly a whole lot of Classic Camaro for the seller's $36,500. USD ask.





Fresh Find: Oct 21st, 2019 - A desirable classic from the other end of the price spectrum...

This is a nicely optioned, original 'A' Code Mustang, a dry climate, California find, but more of a 'Driver' than a show piece.

1966 Mustang Coupe - built as a 289 V8/Automatic. Quite a presentable car that looks good and well dressed with the GT Rims, Pony Interior, Retro A/C etc. Chrome shows well, panel fit looks good.

289/4 Barrel with Dual Exhaust, Aluminum Rad with electric fans, Power Steering and Disc Brakes.

Always a Cali car with no rust and good underside!

Value buy at the private seller's $13,900. USD ask.







Fresh Find: Oct 18th, 2019 - Canadian Find... Rare fully optioned, virtually all original Saab. A west coast B.C. Car from new - winter stored example.

1989 Saab 900 Turbo Convertible - hard to source 5 Speed manual car, purchased new in Vancouver and factory optioned with the full Aero Body Kit, Performance Engine and Exhaust Kit, Sport Suspension etc. $52,000. CAD when new.

Garage kept, winter stored and impressive throughout, the car performs as it should and looks great while out on the road. 160K kilometres from new, but little of the normally found wear and tear.

Fresh Soft Top with a clean rear window... as nice a piece as you are likely to find if you are a Saab enthusiast. Priced sensibly at just $13,000. CAD

Easy export to the U.S. now at 30 years of age and a value buy at just under $10k USD.





Fresh Find: Oct 18th, 2019 - Another interesting Canadian Find... no this is not a low mileage collection piece, but instead a beautiful, driveable, usable classic that is trending upwards in value as these final edition classically styled SLs are finding fresh market interest.

1989 Mercedes Benz 560SL.. the best and final iteration of the treasured R107 model and therefore highly desirable.

See Hagerty's review of the prospects for this model written earlier in 2019... Click Here.

All original factory paint! Triple Black with both Hardtop & a newly installed Soft Top.

Mercedes Benz Dealer Serviced and owned by it's current caretaker since 2004. Always garage kept and winter stored, this piece has not seen salt or snow. I must say I like what I see here, not all original or numbers match, but a lovely, good quality 911 priced sensibly.

Looks, runs and drives as it should without a care for the 175,000km it has accumulated on the odometer over the past 30 years. That is under 6000 kms/3600 miles for each year on the road.

Love What You Drive at just $15,000. CAD or just over $11.5k USD - Euro buyer's take note as this is a steal of a deal!





Fresh Find: Oct 17th, 2019 - I must say I like what I see here, not all original or numbers match, but a lovely, good quality 911 priced sensibly.

A three owner car from new and a Blue Plate California Original.

1977 Porsche 911S Targa - with the original anemic 2.7L engine has been replaced with a 3.0L SC engine out of a 1983 911.

Reportedly 78k original miles recorded from new with the engine transplant at the 40k mile mark. Very clean throughout with undeniable evidence of careful ownership. Recent service records are with the car.

A great driving, nice, presentable 911 for $34,000. USD





Fresh Find: Oct 17th, 2019 - America's 50s Sports Car!

Sure the early Thunderbird was more of a cruiser than a true sports car, but all said it was, and is, beautiful, fast and fun.

I must say I have always remained a fan, and as a teen in the 60s one of the local 'cool kids' had one of these and it sure made a statement.

1957 Ford Thunderbird with the Porthole Hardtop. This car was the subject of a no holds barred restoration almost a decade ago with just 2000 miles added to the odometer since that work. It remains a thing of true beauty in Colonial White on Red Interior.

Powered by it's 312 V8 with 3 speed auto transmission... owning this would be transformational.

Private seller offered at just $32,500. USD - yes you can find one cheaper, but it simply will be a far lesser car!





Fresh Find: Oct 16th, 2019 - Rare Garantrot (Garnet) Metallic on Burgundy Leather.

1986 Porsche Carrera Cabriolet - another dry climate California find!

133k original miles on this car, but a well maintained, cared for example that has clearly spent much of it's life in the garage.

Rust free and all original factory paintwork too.

Powered by the desirable 3.2L Carrera Engine with 5 Speed 915 Transmission.

Hard to find a nicer example - as privately offered at just $33,000. USD                  





Fresh Find: Oct 16th, 2019 - 80's Hero Model... designed and built by Mercedes to challenge BMW in Euro Motorsports.

1986 Mercedes Benz 190E-16V which carries an engine co-developed by Cosworth.  The racing version of this storied model went on to win 48 races in Europe's DTM Series.

This car a Black Plate, original California car is a virtually original piece with just 58k miles recorded and clearly a car that has been garage kept and cared for. These U.S. delivered cars are powered with 168 willing horsepower with this one connected to a 4 Speed Automatic Transmission... yes the manual version is preferred but those cost significantly more.

Impressive throughout and with great on road performance, plus a retro 80's sport sedan vibe this model's value is on the rise.

A beautiful road car for just $19,900. USD






Fresh Find: Oct 10th, 2019 - Considered by most knowledgeable enthusiasts as the best of the 944 models, as the S2 provides it's driver with the look and near all of the performance of the Turbo model with less complication, maintenance and cost.

These cars are a rare find in this condition at this mileage as most have been modified and abused by their owners, driven hard and put away wet, but not this rarely found Canadian original.

1991 Porsche 944 S2 - the last of the breed produced just prior to the introduction of the 968 that carried over most of the technology found in this final edition 944.

Just 118k original kilometres from new (73k miles for you U.S. Buyers) and gorgeous in Grand Prix White on Black Porsche Script Cloth, wearing Cup Rims.

A total of just 7409 S2 Coupes were produced for the world, over the two years of S2 production, with only 1929 of those cars making it into the North American market... this is one of only 510 Coupes that made it into North American for the 1991 model year, the final year of production. 

Powered by a DOHC 3.0L Inline 4 Cylinder (basically one half of the Quad Cam 928 V8) which offers 208hp - 5 Speed Manual Transaxle and it is of course RWD.

These cars continue to be treasured and they are finding a new market of youthful buyers wanting into the Porsche game. Offered in Canada by it's private owner at $19,500 CAD (just under $15k USD)






Fresh Find: Oct 9th, 2019 - If you have been on the hunt for a sensibly priced Porsche Turbo... this could be the one.

1992 Porsche Turbo (964) - Factory Turbocharged 3.3L with 5 Speed G50 Transmission.

This is another dry climate, southern California find with just Two Documented Owners from new... Rare for a Turbo!

The car has accumulated just 91k miles since leaving the factory floor and as you look around the car it is clear to see that each of those miles were driven with care and respect... this car has not been flogged!

Rarely seen Polar Silver Metallic on Exclusive Code Full Leather Interior, Draped Leather throughout, Turbo Cup 1 Wheels with four new Potenza S-04 Tires.

A Widebody 964 Coupe powered by a factory 322hp Turbocharged Air Cooled - instant love, enthusiast respect and a pure joy to own and drive. Heck we are seeing your base 964/C2 Coupes reaching numbers not far off of this Turbo.

Love What You Drive - offered at $100,000. USD






Fresh Find: Oct 9th, 2019 - Sure, it is never a problem finding an old MGB, they made lots of them and they were an enthusiast's favourite back in the day. Trouble was, like most all British Classics these cars rusted like crazy and hence almost everyone that you'll find up here in the North will be either be a rust bucket or a restored former rust bucket. You'll know if you have been playing with cars for a while, that near everyone one of those rust bucket resto's will start to rust again given a little time.

This 'Black Plate' California original is far different than most as being a dry climate car it simply just never corroded as our North example do. This is reportedly a ONE OWNER car that has clearly been the subject of considerable  loved and care over the decades. Virtually original with some updates and refreshments along the way.

1963 MGB Roadster... British Racing Green on Black Interior - re-trimmed interior, clean engine bay, straight chrome bumpers... in fact little if anything to complain about given the seller's sensible price point.

Not $20K not $15K as the ask on this lovely British Roadster is just $9,970. USD






Fresh Find: Oct 9th, 2019 - Just try and wipe the smile off of your face after a Sunday Run through the countryside while at the wheel of this piece of Mustang History.

Dry Climate. California Car that has had tons of money and time spent on it over the years by it's loving past owners and now you get an opportunity to grab it - all done and ready to play with.

1965 Ford Mustang - a true 'A' Code Car that is now an impressive GT350 Tribute piece. This is not your normal GT350 Tribute 'dress up car' as this car has been done right, making use of all the right bits and pieces to allow it's owner to experience the fun and the fury of the Iconic Shelby Built originals.

The current owner/seller, a five time GT350 owner/builder, picked this car up approximately one year ago and has carefully gone through the car, correcting minor build issues and added a few of those bits that simply make this one right. Not a show car and not built to be one - this instead is a glorious 'Driver' that looks the part of a retired racer yet fully set up for the street.

Fully Built 302 Engine

Hurst Shifter

T5 - 5 Speed Manual Transmission

Trac-Lok Posi Rear End

Torque Thrust Rims

Magna Suspension Kit

Front & Rear Disc Brakes SSBC

This is just the tip of the ice burg as the full build list is too long to show here (give a call)

All said, a quick look around the provided imaging gives a clear indication of the overall quality of the car and the massive amount of time, parts & money that were involved in creating this Tribute GT350.

This can not be built for anything approaching the seller's ask of just $34,500. USD 






Fresh Find: Oct 2nd, 2019 - Lusty 3.6L Air Cooled that is ready to make you grin.

Anytime that you can find a 964 in today's inflated market at this price point you simply have to sit up and take notice, and unlike many on first review this one doesn't disappoint.

1991 Porsche Carrera '2' Cabriolet... 247HP 3.6L H6 with the always in demand 5 Speed Manual with RWD!

A 73k original mile example that appears to be near original throughout, and quite nice wherever you look in it's original Guards Red and Beige Leather.

Blessed with a very clean set of Factory Sport Seats, not something you find often in a 964 Cabriolet model.

The car comes with an unblemished CarFax history and it is offered by a dealer that knows the breed pretty well, so all indications are that this one is ready to go.

If you have an interest in the ownership of one these now classic 911s please don't hesitate to give us a call or send us an note... yes it's a Cab and not a Coupe, but the actual on road performance is virtually one and the same and as priced it is approx. 40% than the Coupes of a similar quality are selling for these days.

Offered at $39,900. USD








Fresh Find: Oct 2nd, 2019 - Rare... you want to believe it! A true labour of love and a touch of car lust all rolled up into one very special piece of Brit Car history. Canadian Sourced and ready to be enjoyed by it's next caretaker!

Simply stated you just don't see these around these parts as the model was never officially imported into Canada or the U.S.A. Yes there are a couple of Right Hand Drive cars hanging out in the Canadian Market, but most buyer's simply don't want the frustration of owning, driving and insuring a RHD piece in a LHD world.

Like many Canadian Enthusiasts the owner of this sweet roadster loved and wanted what was not readily available so he undertook the very challenging process of purchasing, importing and converting this very special car from RHD to Left Hand Drive.

1995 TVR Chimeara - powered by a 4.0L Aluminum V8 sourced from Rover - in this model this engine offers 240HP which makes the car surprising potent given that it weigh in a just 2,300 lbs. A 5 Speed Manual delivers the power to the Rear Wheels in traditional sports car fashion.

These are well regarded sports cars with good power and they have a suspension to match. Factory built - not a kit car with Composite Body Panels and a substantial Steel Tube Frame.

Anyone who knows cars can well imagine the work involved in a conversion such as this and the owner sourced various parts out of Europe and made use of the services of the former TVR importer here in Canada to complete the project. Part and parceled with this conversion was a full re-trimming in Leather of the vehicle interior and in addition a unique Targa Top was also refreshed.

This car has driven approximately 10k miles since the work was completed and serviced regularly at the local TVR Specialist. Forced sale due to health issues!








Fresh Find: Oct 1st, 2019 - Your opportunity to add a burgeoning, near classic Ferrari to you herd. An absolutely stunning example in the very best colour combo and a very rare model that is sure to appreciate with time.

Canadian sourced example with just 44k original kilometres accumulated since new - private seller has had a fresh service just completed to prepare the car for sale.

1995 Ferrari 456 GT - This the very desirable and quite rare Gated 6 Speed Manual version not the automatic equipped GTA model. Powered by one of Ferrari's greatest... a 5.5L - 436HP naturally aspirated V12.

Deep Blue Metallic on unmarked Tan Hides - the car looks to be virtually original throughout and clearly an example that has led a life well loved and cloistered away from the damaging elements.

Manual 456 GTs rarely come available in Canada, and fewer still will reflect the mileage and overall quality found in here in this one. When calculated out with inflation these cars when new were priced in the range of $550,000 CAD!

Privately offered by it's current caretaker below current market value... just $94,000. CAD (approx. $71K USD).

You'll note that this car is currently wearing a set of non original Modular Ferrari Rims and it also has a Tubi Exhuast installed to let those V12 sounds emerge. Original Rims come with the car!

Performance is stunning for this four place GT being capable of 0-60mph in 5 seconds and a Top Speed of 186 mph!






Fresh Find: Oct 1st, 2019 - Rare opportunity on a local Canadian Original modern era 911. Rare and highly desirable option load - not something you find often locally.

This Porsche looks fabulous throughout and it's history speaks volumes.. One Owner, Porsche Dealer Serviced & Garage Kept and Summer Driven Only!

2013 Porsche 911/991 Coupe - Rare 7 Speed Manual with the 350HP H6 one of the final naturally aspirated 911 engines. Gorgeous Agate Grey Metallic on Black Leather. No paddles need as it comes with three pedals and a shift it yourself stick!

Just 27k original kilometres from new (that's just 17k miles)

Options included: 20 Sport Rims, Sport Suspension (factory lowered), Sport Exhaust, Sport Chrono Package, Sport Seat plus, Brake Calipers in Yellow, folding side view mirrors etc.

In addition the full front of car protected by stone guard as well as rear quarter panels and rocker panels.

Get this before it has been grabbed up by another local enthusiast - Private Seller's ask is just $80,000. CAD





Fresh Find: Oct 1st, 2019 - Superb example just waiting for it's next lover! It is here in Canada having been treasured by one single owner since he sourced it out of dry, clean California back in 2011 and clearly it has since been winter stored and garage kept ever since.

This is an immaculate, pristine history car from new and as you look around the supplied images you can see obvious signs of the great life that this car has lived.

2002 Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Coupe - powered by a potent and oh so smooth V12 which provides the driver 420HP - 5 Speed ZF Touchtronic Automatic directs this power to the LSD equipped Rear Differential.

Performance is stunning for this four place GT being capable of 0-60mph in 5 seconds and a Top Speed of 186 mph!

Just 70k careful, original kilometres (42k miles) have been accumulated in it's 17 years on the road and I have little doubt that the car has been respectfully cared for.

Offered at a very aggressive $33,900 CAD (Approx: $26,000 USD) which is well below Hargerty's current valuation for this model in this type of condition. Click to see Hagerty's Report.


2002 Aston Martin Unlisted Item in Calgary, Alberta - 17 - w1024h768px

2002 Aston Martin Unlisted Item in Calgary, Alberta - 15 - w1024h768px

2002 Aston Martin Unlisted Item in Calgary, Alberta - 16 - w1024h768px

2002 Aston Martin Unlisted Item in Calgary, Alberta - 18 - w1024h768px

2002 Aston Martin Unlisted Item in Calgary, Alberta - 20 - w1024h768px





Fresh Find: Sept 30th, 2019 - Corvettes are not something we share to often, not that we don't like them, as we do, but overall most are fairly easy to source and hence something we are not able to market effectively.

That said every once an a while we see a Vette that speaks to us and this late C4 is one of those cars.

1994 Chevrolet Corvette C4/LT1 Coupe - this is a rarely found, virtually all factory original, now classic 25 year old Corvette - further this is a ONE OWNER, dry climate, California car from new! Pristine history, garage kept and treated with respect by it's one and only owner, who now has it for sale.

37,617 miles from new - an average of just 1500 miles per year on the road! Gorgeous in Polo Green Metallic on Beige Leather - both all factory original!

Very impressive throughout, and not a stored and ignored example - car is factory original with the exception of a Edebrock Intake Manifold which was installed to up the performance slightly, some years back.

These LT1 engined C4s had a stock 300hp rating from the factory and as this is a very rare 6 Speed Manual car you get to extract every ounce of performance. These LT1 cars are a far cry from the seriously under powered C3 and early C4 cars and in fact were capable of 5.7 second 0-60 and 13 second quarter miles.  Sure not quite modern Vette performance, but still a heck of a ride given that it dates back 25 years.

Now this 90's Corvette is not a Porsche, but that said in 1994 the 964 Porsche Carrera offered buyers just 250hp with a 5 Speed Manual and the two cars had a similar weight giving the Vette a slight performance advantage. But of course today, that original 964 Coupe with just 37k original miles, in similar overall condition, would now likely cost you 8 or 9 times the ask on this Corvette.

Love What You Drive for less - simply a great value buy at just $11,500. USD





Fresh Find: Sept 30th, 2019 - Collection Grade Jaguar - yet a car that can be still enjoyed while it continues it's climb in value. Beyond impressive as you just don't find examples such as this very often on offer in the market.

This stunning Jaguar has accumulate just 20k original miles in the 30 years that this car has been on the road. Clearly as you look around the vehicle you can see the level of respect and care that this car has been given over the years... this is not a restored piece - this instead believed to be a virtual Factory Original example.

1990 Jaguar XJS Convertible - Original Diamond Blue Metallic on Blue Leather with a Deep Blue Cloth Top and equipped with the rarely seen, on this vintage, Chrome Wire Rims. Powered by the near butter smooth 5.3L V12 offering a respectable 296HP connected to a 4 Speed ZF Auto Transmission.

A three owner Dry Climate, California car from new with a pristine (no damage) CarFax that documents mileage accumulation throughout it's life. Just gone through by a competent garage and fully serviced in preparation of this sale.

Mint condition throughout with the only visible flaw being the very light wear showing on the driver's seat bolster.

The XJS models have for years been in a value depressed state, but in recent times there has been a rebound in valuation as the car has found a new following of enthusiast. Yes many XJS cars were built over the decades but very few have had as good a life as this one and fewer still look and run comparable to this superb example.

Available today for the discriminating buyer at a just $24,900. USD






Fresh Find: Sept 27th, 2019 - Impressive, hard to source find, and a model that is attracting fresh interest with values on the rise.

1985 Porsche 928S - blessed with the far more potent 5.0L 32V V8 and this one has the now very hard to find 5 Speed Manual Transmission in place of the more normally seen, less desirable Auto Trans.

With 288hp on tap and connected to a shift it yourself 5 Speed this car is still capable of moving down the road at surprising speed. The vast majority of 928s left the factory with automatic transmissions which were appropriate in it's role as an Executive GT, but today's buyers prefer the enhanced performance and involvement offered by the manual cars. 

This is a virtually original Dry Climate, California car with higher mileage than some, but that tends to be the norm in California where the climate allows their cars are driven year round.  149k original miles on the odometer, but a quick look around this original 928 will tell you how carefully it was used and that it was clearly garage kept over the decades.

Sadly there are no invoices to confirm, but reportedly this car had a major engine rebuild completed in 2008 just prior to the passing of it's elderly owner. The 928 was passed onto his wife and it remained stored until she passed it onto her elderly brother who added about 1000 miles to the car over the years. The car is now in the hands of it's current Cali owner a contractor that completed some work for the 75 year old past owner and received the 928 as partial payment for the work done.

Runs, drives and shifts great, no leaks, no strange noises, no rust and very presentable overall. Yes it has some minor bruises in the original paintwork, but it remains impressive. Interior looks to be all original with very little evidence of wear.

The current owner identified and corrected some of the issues with the car found at the time of purchase... Fuel Line Leaked and Repaired, Sunroof Inoperative and Repaired, Shift Linkage Bushings Worn and Replaced.

Outstanding are the inoperative odometer (odometer plastic gear needs to be replaced), which was broken just after the current owner purchased the car, Interior Light Inoperative, Power Seats work with the exception of the Driver's side rack - needs a seat motor.

I think this will prove to be a great buying opportunity given the private seller's ask of just $11,500. USD - just reduced to $10,900 USD





Fresh Find: Sept 25th, 2019 - Opportunity Knocks on this mint, low mileage, early 996 Cabriolet - a Canadian delivered original.

1999 Porsche Carrera Coupe - the first of the water cooled 911s and to my eyes the best looking of the 996 cars.

Powered by a 300hp H6 with 6 Speed Manual & RWD - these cars are still able to keep up to the pack and it remains a fast and fun 911. This mint example came from the factory in a rarely seen Dark Green Metallic on Savanna Beige Leather, highly optioned with Factory Sport Seats, Gauges in White, Heated/Powered Seats, Xenon Lights and a beautiful set of Factory Sport Design Modular Rims.

The car shows near as new as you can find with little to no evidence of wear... only 93k original kilometres have been added since leaving the showroom floor. Clearly this is a well loved, carefully used example!

Recent Service including front brakes and the IMS & RMS have been done also! Comes with Soft Top and the Factory Hardtop.

Pure value for a 911 in this condition with this mileage - offered at just $29,999. CAD (just under $22k USD)



\1965 Triumph TR4A Convertible full


Fresh Find: Sept 24th, 2019 - This stunning TR4A is in the care of one of California's best British Car Shops and they have given it the thumbs up!

1965 Triumph TR4A - Non IRS Version - described as a long time, dry climate California car with zero rust nor any evidence of any past rust repair in it's history. Tracks very straight and shows no sign of any past accident damage. A blast to drive on any road!

All said this a rare find today as most sensibly offered TR4A do not reflect the overall condition of this beauty.

If you are a Brit focused enthusiast you'll understand why these lovely classic roadsters remain so desirable.. never fast or furious but simply wonderful to own, drive and enjoy.

Offered at $22,000. USD

1965 Triumph TR4A Convertible full

1965 Triumph TR4A Convertible full





Fresh Find: Sept 24th, 2019 - First listed back in early August on Dan's Picks... now reduced $3500. USD from the original ask!

Love What You Drive.. imperfect as it may be!

When you start talking value priced 928s you are not talking about mint original examples, as those cars are found at a significantly higher price point.

Fabulous and quite rare - 1986.5 Porsche 928S - only a little over 2000 made in the last half of 1986 Production and significantly different than the earlier 1986 examples.

This model has the early light weight 928 chassis but carries the 5.0L 32V V8, along with the Big Brembo Brakes & ABS from the S4 cars. Blessed with Coil Over Suspension, RMB Twin Exhaust this car runs strong with approximately 300hp on tap.

Dry Climate California Car with 109k miles accumulated with fresh paintwork in modern era - Matte Finish Silver Metallic, impressive original interior with none of the normal interior leather deterioration.

Lots new on the car including Pads and Rotors, Full Tune Up with plugs, fresh fluids etc.

Slightly Imperfect, but still a very nice 'Quality Driver' 928 with a private seller now asking just $11,928. USD





Fresh Find: Sept 23rd, 2019 - Air Cooled, Low Mileage & Impressive Throughout... just one problem It's a Tip!

Yes a Tiptronic 964 not the currently more desirable Manual Transmission model. That said with near zero manual cars being produced these days and the reality being that fewer and fewer drivers actually know how to drive a manual equipped car,  just how long will it be before the Tip/Auto cars become the preferred model... it's anyone's guess!

1991 Porsche Carrera '2' Coupe in stunning original Guards Red on Black Leather with Porsche Cloth Inserts. Powered Porsche's torque rich, 3.6L 247hp Air Cooled jewel of an engine. Now everyone knows that the Tip cars are a little bit slower to 100 km per hour, but the differential is far less than most would imagine and when driven making us of the Manual Mode it can be tough to differentiate one model from the other. Of the course the Tip has qualities the Manual models do not including the ease of operation when you are not driving 10/10th!

This is a ROW example sourced out of the Japanese market some 15 years ago and it now resides with it's caring owner out on B.C. Just 113k original kilometres from new, well maintained and ready to be enjoyed by it's next owner.

Real value for a 964 Carrera '2' Coupe at just $49,900. CAD






Fresh Find: Sept 23rd, 2019 - Come with me while I once again do a little California Dreaming...

Whether you are an aging Brit Car Fan or simply Sports Car Enthusiast this dry climate, Blue Plate, California Original is going to get you thinking.

1984 Lotus Espirit Turbo - a mostly all original example with just 42k miles on the odometer. The subject of a recent mechanical refresh including Engine. Transmission, Clutch, Suspension, Brakes and more! Refreshed Interior looks fabulous too.

Runs hard and fast but still it needs to be dialed in to get the most of the car. If you turn your own wrenches or have a trusted Brit Mechanic in your rolodex this solid example may be perfect for you.

A heck of a lot of fast and furious, classic Lotus for just $17,500. USD






Fresh Find: Sept 19th, 2019 - Looking for a great Porsche on the cheap?

You can never do better than the value being offered on the 911/996 era cars as although they have been trending higher recently you can still find some great opportunities. Although their reputation got a wee bit tarnished due to the IMS issues they remain fabulous performers and are generally pretty darn reliable overall.

A somewhat rare Original Canadian Porsche in what looks to be near mint original condition.

2002 Porsche Carrera 320hp 3.6L H6 with 6 Speed Manual & RWD - Metallic Blue on Grey Leather optioned with Factory Sport Seats with Painted Backs, Painted Centre Console, Gauges in White, Power Seats etc.

Just 122k original kilometres from new!

Offered at an aggressive $26,900. CAD - great value - given the apparent impressive condition!





Fresh Find: Sept 19th, 2019 - Please if you are an Air Cooled Porsche Fan and want something truly unique to grace your garage... here it is and better yet it is priced way below what it would cost you to build a 911 to replicate it!

Resto Mod - 1984 Porsche Carrera Coupe - a Hawaii Island car for much of it's life until being move to the northeast in 2014.

The car was the subject of an open cheque book Resto Mod project, which covered near every aspect of the car and the finished project is well beyond the norm.

Gorgeous repaint from it's original to Signal Orange, Fresh Interior with all the right touches for a Hot Rod 911 including a near full Mechanical Refresh...


- 964 CAMS












Try as you might to replicate the car you see here for anything approaching the current asking price is virtually impossible, so if it value you seek, it doesn't get any better than this in an air cooled coupe.

Clean History car and offered at just $37,980. USD





Fresh Find: Sept 18th, 2019 - Opportunity Knocks.. Original Canadian Porsche in very impressive condition, yet value priced.

Loaded with options and always Porsche Dealer Serviced with a Full Major Service completed by Porsche in 2018.

2008 Porsche Carrera 'C4S' Coupe in stunning Agate Grey Metallic on Black Leather Interior - 355hp H6 with Tiptronic S Transmission (Auto/Manual Shift). Load with desirable options including Sports Chrono and Sport Design Rims.

Stunning, Fast & Fun but priced at pennies on the dollar when compared to it's original MSRP or any of today's comparable 911s.

133k original well maintained kilometres (82k miles) from new and a value buy no matter which side of the border you reside.

Offered at $46,800 CAD which calculates out to only $35,000. USD







Fresh Find: Sept 17th, 2019 - Pure Value on this fast appreciating Porsche model.

It wasn't too far back in time when you could find a nice 968 on the cheap... well those days are gone, but that said this lovely example is priced to allow you to go back in time and grab a great 968 for less.

Straight up this is something we rarely offer as it has a blip in it's Carfax History - a 2014 incident where the front and back bumper covers were replaced due to damage while in shipping and with exception of that incident it is a pristine history piece.

1994 Porsche 968 Cabriolet with 78k original miles (3k miles per year) - reportedly all original paint with the exception of the bumper repair. Gorgeous and super fresh throughout in factory Grand Prix White on Tan Leather.

Lots of recent work in the last 5k miles including Timing Belt, Water Pump, Clutch and a Front End Engine Reseal.

Considered by many enthusiasts to be the very best front engine Porsche the 968 provides a wonderfully balanced chassis, good power and are simply a blast to drive.

Pure Value at $15,900. USD in today's market!






Fresh Find: Sept 16th, 2019 - RSR Tribute - unique and quite special given the aggressive price point.

Built off of a Lightweight 1972 911 Chassis this Porsche was the subject of a impressive conversion to a Forward-Dated RSR. The conversion using 930 'All Metal' Fenders, Bumpers, and Butt Welded Rear Fender Flares was completed approximately 15 years ago, and at that time a high quality, windows out repaint was completed to it's current Gleaming Black.

Interior has newer black carpeting, reupholstered original 1972 leather seats and RS Door Panels.

Engine is a rebuilt Euro SC 3.0L featuring the large port heads and added were high strength head studs, PMO 46mm Carbs & Intakes, B&B Stainless Steel Headers and Bursch Mufflers etc. Transmission is a SC/915 which has also been rebuilt.

Suspension has also been fully upgraded as have the brakes and it is wearing RSR Fuchs.

Yes it is a Targa not a Coupe but all said this is one heck of a buy for the Air Cooled - Porsche Enthusiast that wants it all for less.

What's not to love with a private seller's ask of just $42,000. USD





Fresh Find: Aug 28th, 2019 - Don't wait to call on this lovely 911 Coupe as it is destined to sell soon...

Super fresh 1983 Porsche 911 Super Carrera that has been shown some serious love throughout it's years. 104k well documented miles from new. A U.S. car that was imported into Canada many years ago and has been under the care of two PCA Members ever since.

Fantastic, sharp driver that the current owner has gone through to ensure all of the little bits and pieces have been attended too.

Car looks great and needs nothing but a new lover.

Solid value given that the car is now a local piece and ready to be enjoyed.

Offered at a sensible $51,000 CAD or if you happen to be a U.S. or Euro based buyer this works out to approximately just $38k USD, which will prove hard to match in this condition.





Fresh Find: Aug 26th, 2019 - Oh little GTO... straight out of Sunny California - an original black Plate Cali car that has lived a good life in that car friendly dry climate.

This is the model that virtually started the Muscle Car craze and it remains desirable given it's great looks and prodigious performance.

1966 Pontiac GTO - Date Coded Tri Power Coupe - Original Documented car with one repaint in it's factory colour combo. Mechanically rebuilt with a more modern 200 R4 Transmission added - Factory Positrac Rear End.

Reportedly the car runs better than she looks, so it must be might fine as she looks good throughout and underneath too.

Lots of value to be had with a private seller's ask of $26,000 USD





Fresh Find: Aug 19th, 2019 - Love What You Drive for less. This Short Wheel Base early 912 ticks a lot of boxes and as priced it looks to be great value.

1966 Porsche 912

Described by the knowledgeable Porsche focused, seller as a Very Honest, Rust Free, California Black Plate Original!

The subject of a detailed older restoration that has stood the test of time. Non Numbers Matching Engine with Webers, yet looks the part of an all original car as it makes use of the original Air Cleaners.

Looks great in it's original Polo Red on a Black Interior with Pepita Cloth Inserts.

Porsche COA is with the car.

Super nice find at $39,900. USD




\1986 Porsche 944 for sale at VW-BENZ 70's Car Online Auto Group in Online Warehouse Free Shipping CA


Fresh Find: Aug 19th, 2019 - Loud & Proud - Turbo Graphics from the 80's - not for the shy guy!

Real nice clean history example with a massive file of invoices from work done over the years.

1986 Porsche 944 Turbo - 70k original miles from new and virtually stock, hence quite rare!

An absolute blast to drive down any road, but get to the curves and you will really learn what makes these cars so special. Visually I think that time has finally caught up to the 944 and to my eye it looks more correct and current today than it did back when first introduced.

Kalihari Beige Metallic on Brown Leather - both exterior and interior show beautifully as do the Telephone Dial Rims - clearly a car that has been treated right and well loved since new. Last Major Service was May 2017.

This a a whole lot of fast Porsche for just $14,900. USD

1986 Porsche 944 for sale at VW-BENZ 70's Car Online Auto Group in Online Warehouse Free Shipping CA

1986 Porsche 944 for sale at VW-BENZ 70's Car Online Auto Group in Online Warehouse Free Shipping CA

1986 Porsche 944 for sale at VW-BENZ 70's Car Online Auto Group in Online Warehouse Free Shipping CA





Fresh Find: Aug 19th, 2019 - Hard to find as the production numbers were quite low on this model. To our minds one of Porsche's Best!

True Factory - M491 - 'Turbo Look' Targa... virtually a 930 without the Turbo Engine as this model carries the 3.2L Carrera Engine with 5 Speed Manual. Body, Brakes, Suspension and Interior is all Turbo!

All original, with one quality re-paint in it's original Guards Red on Black Leather with Factory Sport Seats.

1985 Porsche Carrera Targa - 90,000 miles from new! One of just 65 built by Porsche for this model year... Dry Climate, California Car from New! Only 559 Targa Models left the factory for worldwide distribution over the 85-89 build period, far fewer than the Cabriolet and Coupe M491s.

Priced lower than most M491 cars that you will find, but a very nice example overall with records back to 1987. The private seller's ask is $57,000. USD