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How it works

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SportsCarLocate is a Community of sports car enthusiasts focused on promoting the Sports Car Lifestyle and assisting fellow enthusiast throughout the purchase or sale of fine previously cherished sports, muscle or exotic cars. Membership in the community is limited too active Buyers and Sellers as well as SportCarPals - our special community members that have signed up to have some fun, learn and share some of their time and expertise with their fellow enthusiasts.

The SportsCarLocate Community is trans-national in scope, operating across North America and serves both the U.S. and Canadian members!  Uniquely the SportsCarLocate website does not just connect Buyers with Sellers like the many other players in this market. We go much farther than the others in the field to make Your Deal - Not Just Easy & Profitable, but more importantly also Safe & Secure by: minimizing the time you spend searching for or selling your vehicle, connecting only genuine buyers with reputable sellers - negating the time wasters and tire kickers and diligently protecting our Members both Buyer and Sellers from all forms of potentially fraudulent activity - throughout the search/sale/purchase process.

Before we jump right into how it all works, here is a list of resources to help you out in the process. We rank them according to how much reading you have to do.


Step 1

  • Buyers tells us what they are looking for and we commence a search of our North American Marketplace.
  • Sellers from across North America tell us what mint condition pre-cherished sports car they have for sale.
  • We complete a preliminary vehicle verification process to confirm history and condition of the Seller's car. (Protection Feature)
  • We match up Buyers with the Sellers whose autos meet the Buyer’s criteria.

Step 2

  • We inform Buyers of potential match ups and provide full details on the Seller’s vehicle. They can open a dialogue through SportsCarLocate with the Seller to learn more about the vehicle and then make an offer to the Seller based on how much they reason the auto is worth.
  • Once the Buyer makes an offer we inform the Seller. The Seller reviews the offer to determine if it meets their objective and may then confirm his/her acceptance of the offer, rejects the offer outright or opens a dialogue through SportsCarLocate with the Buyer to negotiate an acceptable offer.
  • When a Seller accepts a Buyer's offer, we notify the Buyer and commence preparation of the Sale/Purchase Agreement.
  • We then complete an identity verification process on both the Buyer and the Seller to validate their authenticity. (Protection Feature)
  • Once the identity verification process is completed the Buyer & Seller are each issued a copy of the Sale/Purchase Agreement with all of the information necessary to complete the transaction.

Step 3

  • Having received the Sale/Purchase Agreement the Buyer has a 72 hour window (Inspections Terms Negotiable) in which to either accept the condition of the auto as stated by the Seller, arrange to inspect the vehicle in person or have the vehicle inspected by an agent prior to the agreement's expiration date. (Protection Feature) (Peer Evaluations or Vehicle Inspection Services are available through SportsCarLocate)
  • Once satisfied as to condition the Buyer pays the Seller the agreed amount in cash, cash transfer (or other financial instrument, as previously agreed upon) prior to expiration of the Sale/Purchase Agreement.
  • The Seller keeps the funds and turns the vehicle over to the Buyer or the Buyer's transportation agent with all the documents required for vehicle transfer. (Vehicle Transportation Services are available through SportsCarLocate)

Step 4

  • The Buyer (SportsCarLocate Member) pays SportsCarLocate our location fee via Pay Pal. Our Location Fee is currently fixed at the market's lowest rate of 2.5% of the auto’s purchase price (with a minimum fee of $750.00). You Pay Nothing! No Fees Ever if you do not buy the car! (Protection Feature)
  • After the completion of the transaction, we ask the Buyer and the Seller to provide feedback on each other and their SportsCarLocate experience.
  • We update the Buyer and the Seller’s profile.

If you have more questions, please contact us. We will be glad to respond to any questions you may have.


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