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Your Locate Request

Making a Location Request is Free, simple and quick with our online process. Please Email me directly to activate your Location Request and tell us all about the vehicle you are looking for. Or if you prefer you are welcome to call us directly at 416-840-5414 or Toll Free at 1-866-513-3337 at any time to discuss your interests.

Remember that the delivery of a Locate Request does not commit you to the purchase of a vehicle or any other item or service provided by SportsCarLocate/PorscheHunter, but we do ask that you ask us to locate a vehicle if you are currently in the market to BUY  the vehicle described and that you have the funds available to actually purchase such a vehicle at this time.  It is very important that the information provided by you, when completing the Locate Request is accurate as this information will be used by SportsCarLocate/PorscheHunter to communicate with you throughout the locate process.

Email: locatereq@sportscarlocate.com

In Your Email please provide as much detail as possible, in the box below, as to the type of vehicle you would like us to locate on your behalf, tell us what you like, how you intend on using the car (daily driver, weekends only, show etc. Include what Makes, Models, Years are of interest to you and the range of Price, Condition, Mileage, Options you are open too.

Not quite ready to buy, but want to talk about a prospective purchase... call me now!

Dan - direct: 416-840-5414 or toll free 1-866-513-3337


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