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Welcome Market Member

SportsCarLocate & SportsCarSellers was developed by autosports enthusiasts for enthusiasts like you. We strive to provide a safe and secure marketplace that brings buyers and sellers of the finest cars together in an environment that promotes fair trading and true market value pricing.  

Our team is devoted to Our Members both Buyers & Sellers - true 'Love What You Drive' people. Our team works hard to provide the very best the marketplace has to offer, in the right condition, at a fair market price.

We specialize in facilitating the fair trade of Late Model, Contemporary and Vintage, superior condition, low mileage sports cars, sports sedans, muscle and exotics from the 50's up to today. As the owner of such a car your membership offers you the opportunity to not only get your car listed on our Member's Only webpage 'The Lot', but also assist you to get your car seen by, and sold to enthusiast across North America who are ready to buy. 

We do everything we can to allow you, our Member, to sell your car and maximize the return on your Automotive Investment. We offer you support throughout the process of selling your car including free listings, Trans-national  Advertising and guidance on how to sell, price and make the deal. Most importantly SportsCarSellers Members benefit from our unique protection program that works to ensure the sale of your car is completed in a fair, safe & secure manner the protects both the Buyer & Seller.   

Once a prospective buyer demonstrates their interest in your vehicle we work with you and the prospective buyer to validate the vehicle & related documentation, negotiate purchase terms, confirm the legitimacy of the prospective buyer, document the sale/purchase agreement, arrange for the onsite inspection, transportation and if necessary the import/export of the car for it's new owner. 

As a SportsCarSellers Member you're in the driver's seat at all times, you control the steps we take to help you sell your car, who you will or won't sell to, the decision to sell or reject a prospective purchaser and the final disbursement of funds. We provide the marketing support, prospective buyers, inspection, negotiation, shipping & importation expertise that allows you to sell your car without the hassle or risk of trying to manage the process alone.



The Seller's Guide

The SportsCarSellers Difference

  • Unlike vehicle dealers, as auto marketing assistants, we are uniquely able to select and offer only those cars we believe to be the best of the best. No Branded Vehicles, No Repos, No Highly Questionable Wholesale Dealer Auction Bargains, and No Curbsiders or Quick Flippers. We only offer fine cars being sold by genuine private owners or highly reputable licensed dealers.

  • We are not geographically limited as we can assist sellers located anywhere in North American.

  • As independent marketing assistants we have no financial investment in the vehicles we offer, therefore we can limit our offerings to the best available and provide our unbiased opinion of any vehicle to our members.

  • Unlike a vehicle dealer who has high overheads we are not stuck offering what was traded in or what we can purchase at the right price at auction. If we don't love the car, or if we have unresolved questions about its real condition, true history or the authenticity of the owner we will simply refuse to agree to offer the vehicle.

  • We act as an often needed middle man between Buyers & Sellers. Providing independent guidance, negotiation and resolution assistance as well as support for Ownership Transfers, Inspections, Vehicle Shipping & Importation Logistics.

  • Most importantly we do everything we can to make our Members sale or purchase of their dream car a Fair, Safe & Secure transaction by protecting Members both Buyers and Sellers from the deceitful & fraudulent activities that are all too common in the open marketplace.

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