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Welcome SportsCarPal

SportsCarLocate was developed by autosports enthusiasts for enthusiasts just like you.  SportsCarPals are fast becoming a very important part the of the SportsCarLocate Community as it is Pals like you that act to help build the community, provide fellow members access their vast resource of sports car knowledge, and at times work to protect fellow members by providing independent hands on assessments of the cars on offer.

SportsCarLocate is devoted to Our Members - true 'Love What You Drive' people. Our community works to assist members in the purchase or sale of fine quality, previously cherished sport, muscle & exotic cars in a safe and secure community environment, devoid of the scams, hassles and risks so common in the open marketplace.

The role of a SportsCarPal is still in the development stages and you as a originating member can help us to not only build this community but make a real difference by helping to flesh out the role of a SportsCarPal. We are always interested in your input and your ideas on how to build or improve the community.

We appreciate that you did not become a Pal to be burdened with mundane tasks, hassles or barrage of needless communication. SportsCarLocate truly values it's Pals and we want to assure you that you're in the driver's seat at all times, you control your level of involvement from day one. It is you who determines when, how and who you will or won't offer your time or assistance too.

As a SportsCarPal you are here to help out when and as you can, have some fun, share your experiences and make personal connections with like-minded enthusiasts.

SportsCarLocate's back office team provides buyers & sellers the marketing, location, professional inspection, negotiation, shipping & importation expertise that allows then to acquire or sell the car of their dreams without the hassle or risk of trying to manage the process alone. 


Peer Evaluations

The SportsCarLocate Difference

  • It is all about a community of real enthusiast working to help one another buy or sell truly great cars in a safe and secure environment.

  • Unlike vehicle dealers, as independent location assistants, we are uniquely able to select and offer our members only those cars we believe to be the best of the best. No Branded Vehicles, No Repos, No Highly Questionable Wholesale Dealer Auction Bargains, and No Curbsiders or Quick Flippers. We only offer fine cars being sold by genuine private owners or reputable licensed dealers.

  • We are not geographically limited as we will go anywhere in North American to locate, inspect and secure the cars our members are seeking.

  • As independent location assistants we have no financial investment in the vehicles we locate, therefore we can limit our offerings to the best available and provide our unbiased opinion of any vehicle to our members.

  • Unlike a vehicle dealer who has high overheads we are not stuck offering what was traded in or what we can purchase at the right price at auction. If we don't love the car, or if we have unresolved questions about its real condition, true history or the authenticity of the owner we will simply refuse to agree to present the vehicle to our members.

  • We act as an often needed middle man between Buyers and Sellers. Providing independent guidance, negotiation and resolution assistance as well as support for Ownership Transfers and Vehicle Shipping & Importation Logistics.

  • Most importantly we do everything we can to make our Members purchase or sale of their dream car a Safe & Secure transaction by protecting Members from the deceitful & fraudulent activities that are all too common in the open marketplace.

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