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Why Use PorscheHunter

Nobody does it better and nobody can find you your 'Right' Porsche for less!  You buy direct from the seller  with no mark-ups and only after we have fully vetted the car and you have negotiated the very best price available from the seller.

PorscheHunter is 'fee free' unless you buy a car that we have sourced and our Location and Purchase Support Fees are the lowest anywhere.


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What is PorscheHunter!

PorscheHunter is part of the SportsCarLocate family and we are definitely unlike any organization you have probably ever worked with before. We are different and our unique business model has, since 2009, been slowly revolutionizing the way intelligent Porsche lovers source and buy their cars.

We are not car dealers, we are instead Porsche Location Specialist focused on finding our clients the Porsche they want at a delivered to the driveway price that simply makes sense. We strive not just find what you're looking for, but also to make the whole process of finding, buying and getting the Right Porsche onto your driveway without the risks, hassles and all too likely disappointment had you sourced a Porsche without our professional guidance.

No we are not just about price as we strive to find our clients real value on fantastic cars, while providing them with access to the world's very best Porsche selection. Quality is everything to us and we don't take shortcuts in our search to find our clients truly great Porsche's.

We are Canadian, but we serve clients Internationally. We have over the years become true experts at providing our clients individualized custom sourcing, inspection, negotiation, purchase, import and export services for all models of first quality, previously cherished Porsche cars from the 1948 to 2016. Your car, once sourced, is delivered direct to your door anywhere in North America or we can assist in arranging a fly in and drive home package!

Importantly because we are not dealers our stock is unlimited and our clients have access to our carefully vetted selections from the 1,000s of Porsche cars available in the North American marketplace each week. And no matter where across North America we locate the 'right' Porsche for our clients, we work to ensure they get the Very Best for Less!  

We source your Porsche to meet your specific specification and work to find you the very best example available within your target price point. Importantly we don't own nor have any financial investment in the cars we locate so you are never put under pressure to buy any of the cars presented for your consideration.

So if you're serious about buying a Porsche it just makes sense to let us help get access to the best purchase opportunities that the market has to offer.


No Pressure & No B.S. Ever... Dan Conlon CLO


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Hello and welcome...

My name is Dan Conlon and I am the CLO of SportsCarLocate and our designated 'PorscheHunter'. If this is your first visit to the site I ask that you take a moment to: learn about us.



Sourcing your Right Porsche!

This what we do and I must say that we do it very well.

We believe that each and every pre-owned Porsche is very different from the next as even if they left the factory as identical twins, it is the love, care and respect they have (or have not) received throughout their lives that will often impact significantly on their market value and how well they'll behave once they have been passed on to their next owner.

Helping you to source your Right Porsche takes a combination of market knowledge, industry and private contacts, constant diligence and a unique understanding of the breed, along with an ability to identify the nuances of care, history and condition that separates the great from the good, the good from the sad, and the sad from the... 'run, don't walk rip-offs' that the market constantly serves up to unsuspecting buyers.


Note: SportsCarLocate is a vehicle locator 'not a vehicle dealer' and we do not broker, buy, sell or trade in vehicles at any time. Our clients make their own independent buying decisions without pressure or inducements from us as we have zero financial interest in any car we source. All vehicles listed on this web site are offered for sale by their owners and all agreements to purchase are solely between the buyer and the seller.


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