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Our Unique Protection Features

  • confirmation that the owner is the seller. (no curbsiders or undocumented wholesalers, dealers or agents) This significantly reduces the risk of fraud or misrepresentation of ownership, actual history or condition of the vehicle.

  • confirmation that the vehicle being offered for sale is properly registered and the required vehicle documents are available and in the possession of the seller ready for vehicle transfer.

  • A Statement from the Seller  provides notification of outstanding Liens and an Owners Report on vehicle condition, known existing defects, accidents and mishaps, mileage etc.

  • Carfax Reports - To confirmation Vehicle Ownership, Accident and Mileage History. Provides secondary independent confirmation authenticity of vehicle records.

  • All vehicles are purchased by buyers from the register owner, conditionally upon the acceptable completion of  the Memberís Inspection (if not completed prior to the purchase).  If after inspection the vehicle is found to have been materially misrepresented, by the seller prior to the offer of purchase, the buyer may refuse the vehicle. Inspection is not Mandatory but highly recommended. (Inspection to be completed by Member or authorized inspection agent at sellers location)

SportsCarLocate's - Peer Evaluations - Special Protection Features

  • Independent Physical Evaluation of the vehicle by a fellow member, Conformation of Owner's Report on Condition, Report of Findings, Flaws and Issues of Concern, Inspector's financial independence from the seller ensures you get to hear the truth.

  • Independent Road Test of Vehicle: Confirmation of Reported Condition, Report of Findings, Flaws and Issues of Concern

  • Independent Photographic Session:  Photos depict general condition and observed flaws. What you see is what you buy, no hidden flaws or altered photos.

SportsCarLocate's - Professional Inspection Services - Special Protection Features

  • Independent Physical Inspection of Vehicle by Professional Inspection Service

  • Mechanical Inspection of the Vehicle by a Marquee Specialist

  • Independent Road Test of Vehicle by a Marquee Specialist