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Vehicle Importation Cost Estimate



1987 Porsche 911

Initial Purchase Price

$38,500 USD

Current Location


Estimated Actual Purchase Cost (Canadian Dollars)

Initial Purchase Price

48,125.00  CAD

Price of the vehicle in Canadian Dollars Based on a Canadian Dollar at 1.25 against the U.S. Dollar.  (Actual Initial Purchase Price will be adjusted accordingly to reflect current rate of exchange on date of purchase)

Importation Duty


If vehicles is not manufactured in North America and less than 25 years of age - Importation Duties will be Applied by Canada Customs such vehicles are subject to 6.1% duty paid on the Canadian value of the vehicle (Actual Value is determined by Canada Customs)

Locate & Support Fees


SportsCarLocate Fees are normally based on 6.5% of the Initial Purchase Price of the Vehicle in Canadian Currency (minimum fee of $1550. CAD) We Provide Professional Vehicle Location Services & Complete Support Services throughout the Vehicle Acquisition, Inspection, Shipment & Importation Process.




Additional Buyers Costs

Air Tax


Any vehicle entering Canada that has air conditioning is subject to air tax (Payable by Buyer)



Required Documentation Fee ($215.) from Registrar of Imported Vehicle (Canada) on all Imported Vehicle less than 15 years of age (Payable by Buyer)

Provincial Safety Inspection


Assuming No Work Is Required (Ontario)

Provincial Emissions Test


Assuming No Work Is Required (Ontario)



Vehicle may require modifications to be approved for Canadian Certification Speedometer,  Day Time Running Lights etc. dependent upon the manufacturer & model year  - Ask us for more specific information on our vehicle of choice.

Recall Letter


Note: Some Manufactures May Charge a Nominal Fee For Producing This Document - Ask Us for details on your Marque



This is the cost of new plates and registration sticker, cost will vary depending the birth date of the client


Cost of Vehicle  (CAD)

$ 50,967.50

 Fair comparison value to locally available comparatively equipped vehicles, in similar condition - Pre: PST/GST

Estimated Taxation Costs (Remember that the same Taxes apply to both a local purchased or imported vehicle)



5% as mandated by the Federal Government (Payable by Buyer to Canada Customs at Border Crossing.)



8% as mandated by some Provincial Government (Payable by Buyer at time of Provincial Registration.)

Optional Extra Services (Not Applicable If Imported Personally By Buyer)

Customs Brokerage Fees


If is shipped across the border - In absence of the vehicle owner a Brokerage House must be contracted to process payments for customs duties etc. + cost (SC)


0 - 3,500

Vehicle Shipping is available from the vendor's location direct to your door anywhere in North America. Or you can Fly In and Drive Home. The cost of shipping varies significantly based on the distance travelled, the mode of transport enclosed or open carrier, and whether the vehicle is being shipped cross border or remaining in it's country of origin. We are normally able to provide an estimated cost of shipping over the phone if you inquire directly.




NOTE: Cost projections provided are working estimates intended to assist buyers in predetermining the actual cost of a vehicle of interest prior to purchase. These estimates are based on (SC) Sub Contractors verbal quotations and our working knowledge gained through past vehicle importations into Canada from the U.S.A.

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