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Hello and welcome to SportsCarSellers!

My name is Dan Conlon and I am the founder and CLO of SportsCarSellers a SportsCarLocate Company.

If you are the owner of a well loved Sports or Exotic car that you are now ready to sell you'll want to learn more about SportsCarSellers and the unique services we provide.

SportsCarSellers 'vConsign' program now makes selling your sports or exotic car privately practicable for just about anyone including you. Our service offerings are unique and were carefully developed to minimize the time wasting, hassles and risks associated with private vehicle sales, while maximizing the financial return you the vehicle seller can achieve.

SportsCarSellers was developed by the SportsCarLocate Group which since 2008 has been singularly focused on providing professional location services to private Sports & Exotic car buyers from across North America.

SportsCarSellers has been designed to provide a safe and secure marketplace that brings sellers together with serious buyers in an environment that promotes fair trading and realistic market value pricing.   We do everything possible to allow you to sell your car and maximize the return on your Automotive Investment.

To make it all happen we offer sellers direct support throughout the process of finding a buyer, including the co-development of trans-national listings and targeted advertising, initial contact (potential buyer) management, along with professional guidance on how to sell, price and make the deal.

Most importantly clients benefit from our unique protection program that works to ensure the sale of your car is completed in a fair, safe & secure manner that protects the seller from the wide variety of fraudulent activities that have become all too common in today's open marketplace.   

SportsCarSellers is not a vehicle broker and the 'vConsign' program leaves you the private seller in the driver's seat at all times as it is you who controls: the steps taken to market your car and in fact it is you that makes all decisions to accept or reject a prospective buyer's offer.

Uniquely your car never leaves your side until you have been paid in full by the buyer. You retain possession of your vehicle throughout the marketing process and you have full control over prospective buyer access and viewing.

We provide the professional online media support and help you source legitimate prospective buyers along with access (when required) to vehicle detailing and inspection services, buyer/seller negotiations, purchase/sale agreements, shipping and import/export expertise.


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"SportsCarSellers is revolutionizing the way intelligent enthusiasts sell their cars"

Buyers... Buy Smart! - No Buyer's Fees Ever!

SportsCarSellers was developed to assist both buyers and sellers. We are not vehicle dealers or brokers and we do not buy or sell cars, instead we provide professional  online media assistance to private sellers of Sports & Exotic cars and help buyers source fine examples worthy of serious consideration. 

Unlike vehicle dealers, as we do not buy or resell we are uniquely able to select and list only well loved sports & exotics - cars that we believe to be fine examples that have been honestly described by their legitimate private owners. Before any sports or exotic car is accepted we first carefully review the legitimacy of the seller and the veracity of their description of the vehicle.

Buyers this means: No Curbsiders or Quick Flippers, No Mystery Sellers, No Branded Vehicles, No Repos, No Highly Questionable Wholesale Auction Bargains etc.

Due to the fact that we are not geographically limited by a bricks and mortar location, our online web presence allows us to work with buyers & sellers located anywhere in North American, which provides buyers & sellers an opportunity to safely broaden their horizons. Buyers now have access to the best no matter where it may be currently situated and we offer independent inspection services, transportation and importation assistance to make buying remotely practicable for anyone.

We also act as information agents between Buyers & Sellers, providing independent guidance and resolution assistance as well as support on Independent Pre-Purchase Inspections, Private Purchase/Sale Agreements, Ownership Transfers, Vehicle Shipping & Importation Logistics.

Most importantly we do everything we can to make every vehicle purchase/sale Fair, Safe and Secure for all involved by protecting both Buyers and Sellers from the deceitful & fraudulent activities that are all too common in today's open marketplace.

Note: SportsCarSellers is not a vehicle dealer and we do not broker, buy, sell or trade in vehicles at any time. We instead provide online media services - a web platform for vehicle owners wishing to sell their vehicles privately and buyers looking to fulfil their car dreams.  All vehicles listed on this web site are offered for sale by their owners and all agreements to purchase are solely between the buyer and the seller.



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