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'Buy The Best'

We firmly believe that the only sure way to get the maximum value from your investment in any vehicle is to start off on the right foot and 'Buy The Best' available. Now 'Buy The Best' does not mean that you have to buy the most expensive car in the marketplace. Quite to the contrary, because when I say 'Buy The Best' I mean the very best example of your chosen marque, that offers the best combination of Year of Manufacture, Condition, History, Service & Mileage at or below fair market value with a price point that your pocketbook can manage.

SportsCarLocate works hard to ensure our clients have Safe & Secure access to the very best cars from across North America so that they too can 'Buy The Best'. SportsCarLocate specializes in locating the finest quality previously cherished Sports Cars, Sports Sedans, Muscle & Exotics not just because it is what we love, but because we believe such cars often offer the very best overall value and most importantly allow our clients to live the 'Love What You Drive' lifestyle for less.

SportsCarLocate is reserved for buyers that are true enthusiast wanting to buy the best of the best. Our basic standards are very high as you can see from our locate standards noted below.  We are well aware that our high standards severely restrict the number of cars we are able to offer our Clients but we firmly believe in finding our Clients only the very best.  Subsequently a significant portion of the cars on offer in the traditional marketplace do not approach the standards we seek to maintain and you will not find such cars being offered through SportsCarLocate.

Dan Conlon CLO

SportCarLocate Standards

Sports Cars, GT, High Performance Sports Sedans and Exotics

Late Model Cars (2009-2018): 1 Owner Car, Mint Condition, Immaculately Clean, Accident Free, Unmarked Original Paint, Full up to date Maintenance Records, Very Low Mileage for Model Year.

Contemporary Cars (2002-2008): Preferred - 1Owner Cars, Mint or Near Mint Condition, Immaculately Clean, Complete - Documented History, Maintained, Unmarked Paint (Original Preferred),  Accident Free.

Contemporary Cars (1991-2001): 1 Owner Cars Preferred, Excellent Survivor to Mint Condition, Low Mileage, Immaculately Clean, Documented History. Major - Accident Free, No Corrosion.

Vintage Cars (1950-1990): Superior Survivor to Mint Condition, Very Clean, Documented History Of: Ownership, Mileage, Repairs and or Restoration, No Corrosion 

Cars must be offered for sale by the documented registered owner only. Cars offered by undocumented agents, dealers, wholesalers or curbsiders will not be accepted.

Cars which are currently branded or were previously subject to branding will not be accepted no matter what their current status or condition.



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