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"At SportsCarLocate we are revolutionizing the way intelligent enthusiasts buy their cars!"

We source the very best from both the U.S. & Canadian Marketplaces


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Note: SportsCarLocate is not a vehicle dealer and we do not broker, buy, sell or trade in vehicles at any time. Our clients make their own independent buying decisions without pressure or inducements from us as we have zero financial interest in any car we source. All vehicles listed on this web site are offered for sale by their owners and all agreements to purchase are solely between the buyer and the seller.


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Love What You Drive


Hello and welcome to SportsCarLocate!

My name is Dan Conlon and I am the founder and CLO of SportsCarLocate. If this is your first visit to the site I ask that you take a moment to view our 'We Don't Have' Video to the right and if you have the time please take a read of my Welcome Message to learn more about who we are, what we do and why our very unique business model allows us to deliver on our promise to get you 'The Very Best Sports or Exotic Car for Less ! '

At SportsCarLocate our clients (vehicle buyers) are the boss! As professional locators, not vehicle dealers , we never buy or sell cars and this allows us to offer our clients: Professional Guidance, Independent Inspections, The World's Largest Selection, No Mark-ups, No Pressure to Buy and No BS Ever!

We are Canadian, but we work with clients internationally and we don't only help you to find your dream car we work with you from start to finish.. sourcing independent inspections, monitoring your purchase transaction, managing the importation and shipping process from end to end - in other words whatever it takes until your car is safe and secure in your driveway ready to be enjoyed.

Winter 2019 Opportunities!

What we are seeing is that for this winter season the buyers are back and ready to invest to fulfill their long held dreams.

Not surprisingly given the economic outlook the sports car market remains strong and we are currently experiencing a significant increase in calls and emails over previous years with buyers and clients in constant contact internationally.

The question you have to answer within yourself this season  is a simple: 'Is This My Year'?  Is it time for you to finally focus on 'What You Really Want'! Life is short, and if you are like many of our former clients you have for years, maybe even decades, placed your car desires on hold...

Is this finally your year to get the Sports, Muscle or Exotic you have been dreaming of? Get in the hunt now!

Staring the hunt today so that you'll get a full season with your new love interest - lots of great stock is been hiding out in private garages all over North America and we are here to chase the good ones down.

Let us help you to source your dream car today before another year passes you by.

Sourcing The Very Best...

We don't do cheap and trust me... neither should you! We instead strive to find our clients the very best value on premier quality Sports & Exotics throughout North American and then get their chosen car delivered direct to their driveway safely and securely.

Our unique business model allows us to not just offer, but in fact deliver on our promises: Great Service, Fantastic Cars and Unbeatable Value!

Nobody does it better and nobody can find you 'What You Really Want' for less!


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