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My name is Dan Conlon and I am the founder and CLO of SportsCarLocate. If this is your first visit to the site I ask that you take a moment to learn more about who we are, what we do and why our very unique business model allows us to deliver on our promise to get you Your Right Car, In the Right Condition at the Right Price!'

At SportsCarLocate our clients (you the vehicle buyer) are the boss and as such our buyers remain in total control of what, where and from whom they buy their car! We work for you our client and you alone, fully independent of all vehicle dealers or private sellers. As true professional locators, not vehicle dealers, uniquely we do not have  a car lot and we never carry a stock of vehicles. In fact we do not buy, sell or trade cars and most importantly we never have any financial interest in the vehicles we source and share with our clients. 

These very important factors are what differentiate us from the market norm and allow us to offer our clients what is rarely seen in the auto marketplace: Full Disclosure, Unconstrained Professional Guidance, Independent Marque Specialist Inspections, along with access to the World's Largest Selection of Sports, Muscle & Exotics, with No Added Mark-Ups, No Pressure to Buy and No BS Ever! 

We are Canadian, but we have been working with clients internationally for the past 11 years. So that said no matter where you reside, the USA, Europe, or Canada or near anywhere else we can help you to fulfill your automotive dreams! We don't just simply help you to find your dream car as we partner with you staying by your side throughout the buying process from start to finish.

Our services include a comprehensive initial consultation to help us fully understand each client's unique set of vehicle needs and automotive desires before we set out on the hunt. Partnering with SportsCarLocate is not a sterile, hands off process as our clients remain fully involved and actively engaged all along the road. And as a clients we do whatever it takes to ensure that you not only get the right car, in the right condition, at the right price, but that your car arrives safe and secure in your driveway, ready to be enjoyed. 

Sourcing Only The Very Best...

We don't do cheap cars and trust me... neither should you, instead we focus on Value, a far different word than cheap, and we believe that Value can be found at a wide variety of price points! Hence instead of cheap we instead strive to find our clients the very best Value Opportunities Available, within their targeted budget (large or small), on premier quality Sports, Muscle & Exotics.Our unique business model allows us to not just offer, but in fact deliver on our promises: Great Service, Fantastic Cars and Unbeatable Value! 

This is our 11th year of chasing cars for clients and we continue to feel confident in stating that... Nobody does it better and nobody (probably not even you, hunting on your own) can find 'What You Really Want', for less.

Welcome Message from Dan

SportsCarLocate is focused on safely connecting genuine buyers with reputable sellers of the finest pre-cherished Sports Muscle & Exotic Cars. 

Our founder & CLO

Dan Conlon

A lifelong Sports Muscle & Exotic enthusiast that has been chasing, buying and playing with pre-loved cars for over 50 years, Dan spent 35 great years as a Police Officer with the Toronto Police Service, while in his off time hunting down cars,  before developing and running a Commercial Security Design Firm. Then, back some 11 years ago, Dan decided to invest his time and passion into his first love and took the talent and expertise from his past exploits to bring SportsCarLocate to life. 

Dan brings a very unique set of well honed skills to the table along with a broad knowledge base on most all things automotive. A very sharp eye, an investigator's nose and an enthusiast's heart combine with a difficult to replicate understanding of the ever changing Sports, Muscle & Exotic Marketplace provides our clients with a car hunting partner worthy of their trust. 


No matter how silly it may seem to some non enthusiasts, Dan simply loves cars and car people and enjoys nothing more than a chat with a fellow enthusiast or a good old car chase no matter where it takes him. 


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OUR Welcome Message

Porsche 964 Targa


Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about who we are and what we do.

SportsCarLocate is focused on safely connecting genuine buyers with reputable sellers of the finest pre-loved Sports Muscle & Exotic Cars.

SportsCarLocate is very unique in the industry and far different than working with a vehicle dealer or for that fact any other location service provider as:

  • we work exclusively on the buyer's behalf with complete financial independence from sellers, as a location client we represent you and you alone.
  • we have no financial interest in the vehicles we source for your consideration, which means we can call them as we see them with no holds barred.
  • we don't own the vehicles we source, which allows us to offer you direct access to every vehicle available in Marketplace - you get to select your car from the largest vehicle markets in the world (Larger Selection = Vendor Competition = Better Deals).
  • we know that your best interest, is our best interest, when we are negotiating your vehicle purchase price with the seller, and your interest always come first.
  • we are protection professionals and we put our expertise to work to protect you from dishonest or fraudulent sellers.
  • we ensure that you don't pay one penny to us for the location services we provide until your new car is safely in your driveway.
  • we are professionals and service is everything to us. We hold are hands to the fire on each deal as we know if we don't perform, if the you the buyer is displeased with the services we have provided or the car you have received, we are not going to get paid.
  • most importantly our service doesn't stop once you have bought... as we continue to work with you to source all required documentation, complete any necessary conversions, manage shipping (if required) and the importation process if needed until your car is safe and sound in your driveway and ready for you to enjoy.

I want to make it clear that SportsCarLocate is not a large operation focused on profit; instead we are a small family based operation dedicated to individually supporting each one of our clients through the process of safely and securely buying a new love in a practical, time efficient and financially beneficial manner.   

As the Founder & CLO I personally promise that we will not only do whatever it takes to make your car dreams become a reality, but we will do it all in a professional & respectful manner that protects your interests from beginning to end. In fact I am so confident that we can turn your dreams into reality, that I personally guarantee that we will get you the results you seek or you pay nothing for the location services we have provided.

I want to help make your car dreams come true, but first before I can do that, you have to send me an email, give me a call to communicate with us right now.  Don’t wait, I love cars and car people and I look forward to having an opportunity to learn about your car dreams. 

Remember... No Pressure, No BS ever, Guaranteed by me!

Love What You Drive

Dan Conlon