Safe & Secure

Buying Done Right

Going it alone when buying a car can be very risky as fraudulent activity in the auto marketplace is prevalent and victims of deceptive trading practices are many.  Uniquely SportsCarLocate works hard to provide a safe and secure marketplace that addresses the protection needs of our clients.  We strive to limit our dealings to buyers and sellers that share our personal and business values of honesty and fair trading.  Whether online or offline we endeavor to maintain an environment that promotes safe & secure transactions, honest trading and fair market value pricing. 

Our Unique Protection Features

  • confirmation that the owner is the seller. (no curbsiders or undocumented wholesalers, dealers or agents) This significantly reduces the risk of fraud or misrepresentation of ownership, actual history or the condition of the vehicle.
  • confirmation that the vehicle being offered for sale is properly registered and the required vehicle documents and in the possession of the seller ready for vehicle transfer.
  • confirmation of the seller's true identity - Due Diligence is key.
  • Carfax/Autocheck Reports (if available for the model year) - To confirm Vehicle Ownership, Accident and Mileage History. Provides secondary independent confirmation authenticity of vehicle records.
  • All vehicles are purchased by buyers from the register owner, Inspection is not Mandatory but highly recommended. (Inspection to be completed by Buyer or authorized inspection agent at sellers location) If after inspection the vehicle is found to have been materially misrepresented, by the seller, the buyer may decline the vehicle.

Inspection Services - Added Protection Features

  • Independent Physical Inspection of Vehicle by Professional Inspection Service
  • Mechanical Inspection of the Vehicle by a Marquee Specialist

Our independent evaluations and confirmation of the vehicle ownership, history and condition offer buyers significant benefits, not the least of which is that it assists buyers to make their own independent determination as to the true worth of the car.  Further, both buyer and seller benefit from the shared trust they develop, knowing that they are each dealing with a legitimate individual, with a strong interest in the purchase/sale and the means to complete the transaction. 

Please Use Caution

Fraudulent activity of all types is rampant in the used car market and clients must use care and common sense throughout the trading process. We strongly recommend that all parties keep themselves well informed and up to date on fraudulent activities that relate to auto trading. Keep your guard up, use your common sense, and check your greed at the door, as it is our greed that allows otherwise sensible people to be, so often and so easily duped. Don't be pressured into a quick deal before you have had the time to complete your Due Diligence. 

Remember SportsCarLocate is their to support you throughout your transaction, if you have a concern call us and discuss it and we will give you our guidance on how best to proceed. If you suspect fraudulent activity STOP, Don't hand over your funds, Don't turn over your car. 

Given the realities of the pre-owned car market, no service provider, including SportsCarLocate can guarantee a 100% risk free trading environment, but we believe our protection package offers both buyers and sellers the best available protection in the marketplace. 

Buyers and sellers must always remain alert to the risk of fraudulent or criminal practices as they would in any transaction, but we are confident that if you work with us, use your common sense, follow basic personal protection rules and complete any financial transaction in a secure manner, your risk profile is really quite low when compared to other unsupported transactions whether they are online or off-line.