Buy the best

Making every dollar count

We firmly believe that the only sure way to get the maximum value from your investment in any vehicle is to start off on the right foot and 'Buy The Best' available. Now 'Buy The Best' does not mean that you have to buy the most expensive car in the marketplace! Quite to the contrary, because when we say 'Buy The Best' we mean the very best example of your chosen marque, which offers you the best combination of Year of Manufacture, Condition, History, Service & Mileage available, at a price point that your pocketbook can manage.

SportsCarLocate works hard to ensure our clients have Safe & Secure access to a broader market by deepening their field of view, which allows them to source from the widest selection of vehicles possible,. The reality is that the best available may not be something that can be found locally, near to home. SportsCarLocate specializes in locating the finest quality previously cherished Sports, Muscle & Exotics not just because it is what we ourselves love, but because we believe such cars often offer our clients the best overall value, allowing our clients to live the 'Love What You Drive' lifestyle often for less than they may have thought.

By purchasing a carefully sourced pre-owned Sports, Muscle or Exotic as opposed to buying something new our clients significantly reduce or totally eliminate for themselves the bane of vehicle ownership 'Value Depreciation'. Value Depreciation is by a far margin the most costly and we think wasteful financial reality associated with the automobile and when eliminated from the equation playing with cars starts to make far more financial sense. 

It is our view that far too many enthusiast buy their vehicles based near solely on the Initial Cost or Monthly Payment Cost (for those financing their purchase), while we believe the real number they really need to be considering, prior to buying, is the Projected Actual Cost of Ownership (PACO).  A car's PACO number provides buyers with insight into the bigger financial picture and therefore a far more appropriate means of determining affordability and value. Learn More About PACO

Remember SportsCarLocate is different than the rest and our services are reserved for those buyers that are true enthusiast wanting to buy the best available, within range of their targeted budget. Whether you are looking to source a classic or a contemporary vehicle our standards are very high, and we focus on hunting that elusive combination of quality & value at a price our individual clients find agreeable . We are well aware that our high standards may at times severely restrict the number of cars we are able to share with our clients, but ultimately we would far rather lose a client than have them buy something less than the best. 

Subsequently a significant portion of the cars on offer in the traditional marketplace do not approach the standards we seek to maintain and you will not find such cars being offered through SportsCarLocate.



Value like Beauty is 'in the eye of the beholder' and when it comes to cars this adage certainly holds true, as one man's treasure is often another man's disappointment. We see this over and over again in the pre-owned car field as seller's often see what they own to be better than and therefore more valuable than it may truly be, while buyers may see the same vehicle on offer and find faults that are near invisible to it's owner. Hence the potential buyer will value the same car at a number far less than that of the seller.

In the pre-owned Sports Muscle & Exotic market affixing a value to any vehicle, be you a buyer or a seller, is truly a difficult thing as often no two pre-owned cars will prove to be that much alike, and most often the older the car the more likely that statement is true. Although they may have many things in common such as model, age, options and mileage it is actually the way they have been treated by their past owners that more often than not sets the tone as to how they may ultimately be valued. The climate the vehicle has lived in, the roads it has been driven on, the manner in which it has been used and stored, and of course the frequency and thoroughness of the servicing and maintenance invested in the car can all play a significant role in how they are valued.

The older the car the more telling all of these somewhat intangibles may prove themselves to be. A quick look at Hagerty's Valuation Scale and the assigned values for each of the Four States of condition provides some guidance on value determination, but actually determining whether the car you see before you is a Condition #2 or a Condition #4 continues to be difficult for most to master. 

In the end. all said every car has a value and that value is a summation of all of the static factors such as model, age, mileage etc. in combination with the important yet often hard to fully verify intangibles of just how good a car's life has been and then of course you can never forget 'the eye of the beholder' for it is he who often only sees what it is he wants to see.

SportsCarLocate's role in helping our clients determine a vehicle's market value is to identify not just the static value factors of a vehicle of interest, but also to evaluate the intangibles from data both documented and subjective, while providing our clients with an independent set of knowledgeable eyes that may see what may not have been readily apparent. 

Two sets of eyes are often far better than one!



What it is and why you may want to know your car's number!

As noted in our Buy the Best segment... We find that far too many enthusiast buy their vehicles based near solely on the Initial Cost or Monthly Payment Cost (for those financing their purchase), while we believe the real number they really need to be considering, prior to buying, is the projected actual cost of ownership (PACO).  As the PACO number provides buyers with the bigger picture and therefore a far more appropriate means of determining affordability and value.  

Determining the PACO number for any prospective car takes a bit of guesswork as it is the Initial Cost, minus the cost to own and maintain the car, together with it's End Value, end value being that amount that you expect to sell the car for when your projected usage period is up, be that one, five or ten years down the road. 

Clearly many factors come into play when trying to calculate a PACO number and many buyer's projections may ultimately prove to be a off of the mark - given that with near any pre-owned vehicle it is difficult to predetermine what if any mechanical, electrical or cosmetic needs may crop up over an ownership period. 

Difficult, partially unreliable or not, we feel that it still makes sense to complete the calculation as it often helps prospective buyers to make some financial sense of their enthusiasm for Sports, Muscle & Exotic ownership, while also giving them some basis for planning budget allocations in the coming years.  Surprisingly your PACO number may also help those key people in your life to better understand how something as patently nonsensical as Sports Muscle & Exotic ownership can actually make some sense.