The Journey

The long and winding road!

SportsCarLocate has been active and online since early 2009 and over the past 11 years we have assisted hundreds of sports, muscle and exotic buyers fulfill their car dreams. 

SportsCarLocate is the realization of Dan, our founder's, personal long held dream. He has been an autosports enthusiast (nut) since his teen years in the 60's having been introduced to the 'Love What You Drive' concept by his former (older yet not much wiser) brother in law Georg, 

Georg, a Road & Track reader and sports car enthusiast would take Dan, his kid brother in law, along on his routine weekend fun runs... borrowing used sports & performance cars from lots across the city for a good old test drive. This was back in the day mid 60's) when used car lots would toss you the keys and let you run without an accompanying sales guy at your side, and as Dan tells it each car was put to the ultimate test before being returned rather sheepishly to the seller's lot.

Through tech school Dan studied to enter the auto mechanics trade under the watchful eye of his esteemed auto-tech teacher Mr. McGee, himself the ultimate enthusiast for anything mechanical. Mr McGee carefully honed Dan's interests and skill set by providing hands on experience working on all makes and models of cars, trucks and farm tractors or what ever else came through the shop door. Mr McGee was also the consummate builder shared the work with is proteges on a never ending series of Mr McGee's personal projects; including the building of a snowmobile using a 140 hp Corvair engine and a lawn tractor using a Renault Dauphine engine donated from a rusting scrap yard find.

Through the school years Dan bought and sold the first of a series of vehicles including 1934 Buick Sedan, a 1962 Corvair and for his future wife, her first car, a sweet, but at times, somewhat temperamental 1964 Sunbeam Alpine with a cracked exhaust manifold, a defective ignition switch and a flywheel which was missing a few teeth. There was no money in his pocket to actually correct the multiple issues with the Alpine, but with a little ingenuity, coat-hanger wire and a penny the old Alpine provided years of enjoyment.

After the completion of tech school Dan changed direction and commenced what was to be a 35 year career as a Police Officer. Thanks to the stable, steadily increasing income Dan with his new bride continued living a car nuts dream filled with car races, car books, car shows, car auctions.  

But it was the car hunting Dan loved the most and his first read everyday was the local car adverts, which lead to Dan buying and selling over the years a long list of performance focused cars for both his weekend and daily use. Some of those cars remain treasured memories for Dan... an early Porsche 356A Coupe, a Porsche 914, 510 Datsun, Ford Capri V6, 1st edition Mazda RX7, a BMW 540i Sport. Dan also chased down a Porsche Boxster which he and his wife drove back from California, an Audi TT Quattro our of Texas, and a Jaguar S Type R they picked up in Vancouver and toured at speed across Canada to their home.  Dan's finest conquest was a never forgotten, mint condition 1963 Series 1 Jaguar XK- E type roadster that he purchased back in 1972..  I think Dan still has bruises from kicking himself in the ass knowing that he should have never have let that Jag go! 

Although Dan was fully enjoying his Policing Career. at heart Dan had long been a entrepreneur and in 1996 Dan developed a successful Security Consultancy, which he continued to manage until early 2009. All through the many years Dan had maintained his watch over the sports, muscle & exotic market with great interest from a safe distance, planning for the day he would be able to realize his dreams. 

Subsequently this emerging world market opened the door for Dan to finally share the 'Love What You Drive' concept with his fellow enthusiast internationally, as it became clear to Dan that a need had developed within the enthusiast community: to assist, support and most importantly - better protect buyers throughout the burgeoning online vehicle purchase process. The development of SportsCarLocate has allowed Dan the opportunity to share his life interests, knowledge and highly specialized expertise with fellow enthusiasts in an environment that is mutually beneficial to all. 

SportsCarLocate was not developed to be the ultimate car trading answer for everyone, as it exists for only a select few... true enthusiast who can deal fairly and honestly with fellow enthusiasts, unique individuals that can make commitments and stand by the commitments they make.

SportsCarLocate has over the years been able to developed a dedicated following of unique and knowledgeable enthusiast who watch our posting religiously, seek out our advice, employ our services and share our web sites with those that share their interests.  So if you are one of these unique people we welcome you to the flock and we look forward to hearing from you.

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SportsCarLocate provides vehicle location and purchase assistance services... we are  'not a vehicle dealer' and we do not broker, buy, sell or trade in vehicles at any time. Our clients make their own independent buying decisions without pressure or inducements from us as we have zero financial interest in any car we source. All vehicles listed on this web site are offered for sale by their owners and all agreements to purchase are solely between the buyer and the seller.